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March 20, 2006 09:00 ET

Water Purification, Filtration, Infrastructure Development and Repair Represent Key Areas With Rising Demand and Potential for Continued Market Growth in Water Industry Presents Interviews With Industry Experts and Hendrx Corp., a Provider of Atmospheric Water Generation, on the Growing Opportunities Within the Water Industry

POINT ROBERTS, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2006 -- (WS), an investor and industry news portal for the water sector, presents an interview series with water industry experts Neil Berlant, Water Group Managing Director and First Vice President at The Seidler Companies, Steven Maxwell, Managing Director of TechKNOWLEDGEy Strategic Group and Robert DeCosta, CEO of Hendrx Corp. (OTC BB: HDRX), to discuss the growing opportunities within the worldwide water industry. Over the years the water sector has built momentum as population growth, pollution concerns and the increasing needs of developing countries such as China and India, has escalated the need for the supply of clean and drinkable water.

Two key areas within the water industry that offer significant prospects for growth are identified by Neil Berlant, who states, "The first sector for growth is the infrastructure area, specifically repair and replacement. The second part is the area of purification, disinfection and the general improvement of the quality of water to accommodate the varied demands that we place on water for manufacturing, processing, and drinking water purposes."

Robert DeCosta, CEO of Hendrx Corp. (OTC BB: HDRX), discusses the role that the Company believes their Atmospheric Water Generation devices will play. "Atmospheric water generation is a dehumidification process that actually takes moisture out of the air, purifying that moisture through a series of filters to manufacture drinking water. We are in a very unique and a very enviable situation meeting increasing demands because we are one of the only people that are harvesting in an area that is untapped," explains DeCosta.

According to DeCosta, "The demand for pure drinking water is going to increase drastically especially as the population increases. The natural filtration systems that water used to go through in the past are now becoming polluted and water is going to become a much larger issue moving forward. We are also convinced that the demand for higher quality water is going to continue to grow. We are very optimistic about the future and feel that unique solutions like atmospheric water are going to play an ever increasing role in supplying drinking water globally."

A key driving factor for the growth of the water industry has been China's and India's rapid economic development, which has placed considerable demands on several critical resources such as energy and water. As Steven Maxwell, Managing Director of TechKNOWLEDGEy Strategic Group explains, "You hardly hear any discussion about the water industry today without some mention of the growing influence of particularly China. On the demand side, work is going on by companies to position services for what seems likely to be a huge and certain marketplace in this part of the world." Maxwell notes that the region's pollution problems are occurring on a regular basis contributing to the escalation of their water quality issues.

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