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August 18, 2016 10:22 ET

Water Technologies International, Inc. Forms Strategic Alliance With NOCA Clean Energy Canada

NOCA Clean Energy Canada; Magnetic Transducer Generators That Produce 5 Mega Watts of Electricity That Can Be Used for Standalone, Micro-Grid, and/or Be Connected to the National Grid for Commercial Applications

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL--(Marketwired - August 18, 2016) - Water Technologies International, Inc. (OTC PINK: WTII), the leader in the technology for atmospheric water generator's production and design, announced today that it has entered into an strategic alliance with NOCA Clean Energy of Canada. Water Technologies will represent their products in an effort to combine the standalone off grid energy systems with their atmospheric water generators.

NOCA Clean Energy is focused on the manufacturing and the deployment magnetic transducer generator that produces 5 Mega Watts to 25 Mega Watts and is scalable to client's requirements. The company website The parent company Noca, Inc. has 15 years of relationship building experience with over 86 Countries. Supplying: petroleum products, raw materials, mining, construction and agricultural products. Noca also has a mobile technology division; manufacturing military tablets and smartphones; NOCA is the recipient of the Cadillac Technology and Innovation award for 2014. The generator uses a small source battery to provide the initial voltage that engages the rotors. As the rotors spin, each magnet on the disk passes a series of copper coil assemblies that are fixed at the same rotational height to the interior of the surrounding chassis. Each coil assembly is coupled with an electronic circuit unit that collects all output and directs a portion of the voltage back to the source battery to maintain rotational charge; excess voltage is usable output. The systems can be used for entire residential communities, as a commercial utility. The competitive advantage is their "Levelized Cost of Electricity" (LCOE). The LCOE is the average total cost to build and operate a power-generating technology over its lifetime divided by the total power output of the technology over that lifetime. The LCOE for the MTG is significantly lower than all other competing forms of electricity generation. There are two key attributes contributing to the low LCOE for the MTG. First, unlike conventional forms of energy (such as natural gas or diesel), the MTG does not require any fuel. Second, the Capacity Factor of the MTG is stable (97% capacity at 100% load), unlike energy sources such as wind or solar where output depends on fluctuating weather conditions. These attributes, together with competitive numbers for capital costs, installation, and maintenance, contribute to the low LCOE of the MTG.

Water Technologies was introduced to NOCA by NOCA's affiliate Sustainable Concepts Development Corp., which is a company devoted to marring custom designs involving sustainable energy and potable water. The company is actively working on business development for their clients in the areas of sustainable designs for luxury resort developments. They work on sustainability audits and make recommendations to reduce the costs of energy and water. They also work on development projects around the Globe that have a need for decentralized energy systems. You can find more information at:

Water Technologies Inc.'s CEO, William Scott Tudor, said, "I am excited that we can now provide enough electricity to operate our largest units as a "Water Utility" that can easily produce 50,000 to 100,000 gallons or more per day in remote areas that do not currently have the adequate power and water! The combination of our products could set up electric and water utilities in remote areas. This solves several real problems for many remote areas around the Globe. We now have a powerful solution for mining communities, small towns or villages. I believe this alliance will allow us more exposure and sell more units worldwide. This takes our Company to the Commercial Utility level! We now have a solution for Governments!"

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About the Company

Water Technologies International, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries, GR8 Water, Inc. (Great Water) and Aqua Pure International, Inc. (Specializing in Filtration Systems) are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of technologically advanced Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). These unique devices utilize "Patents" & patents pending air purification input system to produce clean, great-tasting, safe water from the humidity in the air. GR8 Water makes freestanding water factory units for the home or office and large, industrial-sized water units using a modular design that can produce up to thousands of gallons of water each day from ambient air. GR8 Water strives to make safe drinking water available to everyone on the planet, making the world a better place in which to live while nurturing the environment. The Company has been issued Patents and has several patents pending. Water Technologies has filed for additional patents with the USTPO and other international Patent Agencies. It had also filed globally through the PCT or Patent Cooperation Treaty. Its "Water village" trademark has been issued by the USPTO.

A video showing the proof of concept prototype is available at the company's website,

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