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May 19, 2005 14:04 ET

Wave Dispersion Technologies Announces Rapidly Deployable Small Craft Intrusion Barrier™ Purchased by the City of Key West, Florida

New Barrier Application Meets Marine Port Security Requirements, When Threat Level is Heightened

SYLVAN LAKE, MI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 19, 2005 -- Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. (WDT), a private maritime technology company, announces the recent purchase and imminent installation of its new marine port security application, the Rapidly Deployable Small Craft Intrusion Barrier™ (RD-SCIB™) by the City of Key West, Florida. Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. developed the Rapidly Deployed Small Craft Intrusion Barrier™ to facilitate security needs on an "on demand" basis when the Maritime Security (MARSEC) threat level is heightened. The new floating barrier system can be rapidly deployed in four hours, if required.

The eleven hundred foot barrier for the City of Key West, Florida was funded by a Department of Homeland Security Grant. The system is designed to demarcate the marine port security zone and to impede wayward, errant or hostile small crafts from penetrating it, while being completely moveable and stowable when not in use. It is expected that the system will be deployed when MARSEC exceeds a specified level or when the Captain of the Port so decides its deployment is required.

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To facilitate the security needs of the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Army, other government agencies and commercial interests, the company has developed the WhisprWave® Technology line of Maritime Intrusion and Exclusion Barriers and Warning Buoys for Homeland Security and Force Protection. The unique characteristics of the WhisprWave® Homeland Defense Products include mobility, marine grade design and off-the-shelf availability for Homeland Security maritime zone demarcation applications, (a requirement recently mandated by the USCG for all nuclear power plants post 9/11).

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The Global Leader in Maritime Homeland Port Security Barrier & Buoy Protection Systems

Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. (WDT) has developed the patented WhisprWave® floating articulated breakwater technology to afford erosion control protection to shoreline beaches, coastal marinas, anchorages, and other areas subject to destructive erosion wave / wake forces. The WhisprWave® is currently installed, being demonstrated, or being reviewed by several agencies (US Army Corp of Engineers "USACE," US Navy "USN," US Coast Guard "USCG") for applications that range from Homeland Security / Force Protection to Beach Erosion Protection to Marina Wave & Wake Protection.

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