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July 26, 2011 08:04 ET

Wavelink Protects Against Overage Charges as Unlimited Data Plans Are Eliminated by Mobile Carriers

Real-Time Telecom Expense Management Enables Proactive Management of the Use of Data, Voice, SMS and Roaming Services to Optimize Telecom Spending

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Jul 26, 2011) - As major carriers, such as Verizon and AT&T, continue to drop unlimited data plans for subscribers in addition to placing caps on voice minutes and text messages, enterprises can be left with very limited protection against outrageous overage charges. Wavelink Corporation ( helps enterprises proactively monitor, report and analyze data, voice, SMS and roaming usage in real time with Wavelink Avalanche Telicost. As a result, businesses can analyze usage patterns and recognize potential overages.

Many enterprises have selected unlimited plans in the past, even when they didn't need them, because of the predictability of the monthly costs. As unlimited plans are phased out, large organizations stand to feel the biggest impact because of the difficulty they typically have in monitoring and regulating usage for each device. Even the employees themselves often don't know where they stand on plan usage. With Wavelink Avalanche Telicost, the system does all the tracking and reporting and applies warnings and can even shut the user down when critical thresholds are surpassed.

"Getting timely, reliable information about when you are about to exceed your voice or data plan today is very difficult," said Stephen Bemis, Wavelink vice president of worldwide sales. "Penalties and charges for excess calls, text messages and data over your standard data plan can add up quickly before a person with a phone in their hand even realizes they have exceeded their plan. While system administrators and finance staffs need better notification from their carriers to avoid the liability of huge fees and penalties, carriers can make a lot of money from those overage charges."

Real-time expense management from Wavelink is unique in that it goes beyond traditional TEM (telecom expense management) products that allow customers to analyze past billing data. With Wavelink Avalanche Telicost, organizations can get real-time data on network and data usage and proactively manage their telecom and wireless costs. Mobile phone users and network administrators alike are be alerted when devices are potentially about to incur higher costs associated with roaming, plan overages, large data transfers and radically different or changing usage patterns.

Users are able to easily monitor their own data, voice and text usage on their device with a quick summary as well as the ability to drill down on specific details of their usage. In addition to seeing real-time usage, administrators can easily generate reports in order to review their actual usage against their plan to optimize their contracted calling plans. Location tracking and roaming control can be used to track devices that are roaming to minimize unexpected overages as well as to locate lost or stolen devices.

Wavelink Avalanche Telicost is now available through Wavelink and its partners. It can be used in conjunction with Avalanche or as a standalone solution. For more information about Wavelink Avalanche Telicost, please visit

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