Wavesat Inc.

Wavesat Inc.

May 19, 2008 08:00 ET

Wavesat Launches Multimode 4G Broadband Chipset

Odyssey™ 8500 delivers, flexibility, performance, footprint and power consumption tailored for handsets and handheld devices

WIMAX WORLD EMEA, MUNICH--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Wavesat, a leading supplier of Broadband Wireless semiconductor solutions, today introduced its new family of 4G Broadband Wireless chipset named Odyssey™, with a unique flexible, multimode 4G architecture enabling WiMAX Wave2, WiFi, XG-PHS and seamless migration to future 4G technologies such as LTE.

The first product in the Odyssey™ family, the Odyssey 8500, is sampling now and is powered by a unique 4G multi-core architecture incorporating multiple ultra low power DSPs, offering flexibility, high performance and low power consumption, without any tradeoff. The SOC manufactured using advanced Embedded DRAM technology requires no external memory, thus saving customers valuable real estate, cost and power consumption for very small form-factor portable and mobile applications such as wireless USB dongle, mobile handsets and other consumer electronic devices.

"The Odyssey 8500 chipset is not just another high performance mobile Wave 2 WiMAX chipset; it is a completely new generation of silicon positioned to address the entire 4G broadband market, " said Raj Singh, President & CEO of Wavesat. "WiMAX is the first step in the 4G continuum of wireless broadband and as such, manufacturers and operators need access to a technology that can help them leverage the investment into future 4G technology development."

The Odyssey 8500 offers:

- 4G - The chipset features Wavesat's 4G Engine, a unique programmable architecture enabling Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 and beyond, as well as WiFi, XG-PHS and future migration to 4G Broadband Wireless technologies such as LTE.

- Power - A unique architecture based on multiple ultra low power DSPs maximizes power efficiency with the chip power consumption below 150 mW for mobile WiMAX MIMO solution in active receive mode, and less than 2 mW in idle mode.

- Small - The integrated memory (DRAM) enables industry's smallest footprint suitable for development of highly integrated consumer devices. Product roadmap also includes a single chip combining baseband processor, radio and memory.

- Speed - A customized PowerPC processor (up to 400 MHz) is embedded in the chipset enabling higher throughput and providing the power required for the WiMAX Wave 2 profile, including MIMO.

- Complete Solution - The solution includes complete MAC and management software, as well as "ready-to-manufacture" reference designs, shortening customers' time to market.

Vijay Dube, Wavesat's Executive VP Marketing added, "The Odyssey 8500 is being used by a broad base of lead customers to develop multimode broadband wireless devices. Wavesat's extensive internal testing in addition to the testing we have conducted with our operator partners, provides our customers with the confidence that their development efforts can remain focused on delivering their products quickly to market."

Pricing, Availability and Design Support Tools

The Odyssey 8500 is sampling to customers now with production quantities to ship by Q3 '08. Pricing is available on request. Please contact us at sales@wavesat.com or visit our web site for more information.

Wavesat at WiMAX World EMEA, Munich, Germany, May 19 - 21, 2008 (BOOTH# 506)

Wavesat will be showcasing its new Odyssey 8500 at their booth - #506.

Wavesat's Vice President of Product Management, Victor Menasce, will present to the WiMAX Solutions Theatre - "Odyssey™: An Architecture for Multimode 4G Broadband Access" on Wednesday, May 21st at 12:30pm CEST. In addition, Wavesat's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Patrick Smith, will also present a keynote on "Powering the Mobile Broadband Revolution" on day, May 21 at 2:30pm CEST.

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Wavesat is a global leader in mobile broadband, providing advanced semiconductor solutions to the world's leading carrier and mobile device manufacturers to deploy future-proof broadband services and products. With award winning technology, Wavesat delivers silicon that enables customers to deploy multiple Broadband Wireless technologies such as WiMAX Wave2, WiFi, and XG-PHS today and to migrate seamlessly to future 4G technologies such as LTE.

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