February 20, 2006 07:00 ET

WCC Launches First Iridium-Based Global Satellite Pay Phone to Accept Consumer Credit Cards

Businesses Can Now Offer Pay Phone Service in Even Remote Locations, Including a Self-Supporting Solar Power Upgrade

CHANDLER, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 20, 2006 -- World Communication Center (WCC), a leading provider of global satellite voice and data communications, today launched the first Iridium-based satellite pay phone able to use a credit card swiper for direct billing to the caller. Equipped with Iridium satellite technology, WCC's satellite pay phone can deliver credit card-based calling anywhere in the world with clear line of sight to the satellite. Customers reap the benefits of hands-free, end-to-end credit card processing via ID Tech®, Applied Satellite Engineering and Ontec Technologies.

Ideal for remote locations, the satellite pay phone allows businesses to benefit from telephone communication services, such as remote lodges, international ports of call, marinas, military and other maritime vessels, national/state park campgrounds, rural gas stations/convenience stores, and state departments of transportation for roadside emergency.

WCC's pay phone provides owners with the flexibility to vary the per-minute charges on each pay phone. In addition to credit cards, callers can use pre-paid "scratch" cards to contact crews or those without credit cards.

"Through this revolutionary direct-credit-card-billing capability, WCC's satellite phones become a profit center," says WCC President Sam Romey. "The addition of a self-sustaining solar panel booth supplies an ideal solution for those with a limited or non-existent power source. From beachfront South Pacific resorts to cruise ships, owners can now offer instant communication and implement a user-friendly crew-calling system in any remote location requiring protection, durability and connectivity."

The full-size weather-resistant stainless steel units, provided by, include tamper-proof security features equal to standard pay phones, such as reinforced LCD screen windows and heavy-duty cords, handsets, keypads and optional battery packs. WCC pay phones easily mount on a wall using either a traditional pay phone back plate or via a free-standing solar-powered phone booth, in which the secured lockable solar modules can fold when not in use.

Available now, the Satellite Credit Card Pay Phone starts at $3,000. Phone service is billed at a standard monthly rate by WCC, but the client can set its own pricing to the end customers. Clients billing approximately four hours, or 240 minutes per month, could potentially receive a 100 percent return on their investment within 12 months.

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