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June 21, 2012 12:04 ET

Weather Patterns Fuel Explosive Flea and Tick Season

Experts Advise Treating Pets to Prevent Pest-Carried Diseases

OMAHA, NE--(Marketwire - Jun 21, 2012) - The milder-than-average winter that much of the country recently celebrated has left most areas with larger, hungrier flea and tick populations and higher risk for infestation on animals and in homes. Because flea and tick activity started earlier than usual in 2012, more people and pets are at risk for the diseases carried by these pests, prompting veterinarians and others to warn pet owners to use flea and tick treatments to prevent health problems.

From the Centers for Disease Control to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Boston Globe, experts are speaking out, warning pet owners to use flea and tick treatments to prevent health problems. A recent piece in The Wall Street Journal stated that warm weather means ticks were out early, leading to "a horrific season for Lyme and other diseases."

"Fleas and ticks are more than just annoying," warns practicing veterinarian Dr. Rod Van Horn. "They carry with them diseases that can cause serious sickness and, in some cases, death for both pet and the people they live with. In addition to the well-known Lyme disease, these pests can also infect pets and humans with tapeworms, Tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Q fever and more.

"This year it is especially important for people to be proactive and treat their pet. I recommend using a monthly topical flea and tick product. But which product you choose is important," he advises. "You want to use something that is strong enough to be effective even in this severe flea and tick season, but contains active ingredients with a very high safety profile."

A new generation of topical flea and tick products fills that need, according to Van Horn. Both SENTRY® Fiproguard® MAX and Sergeants® Pronyl OTC® MAX contain fipronil, the active ingredient in Frontline® brand products, maximized with the addition of a second active ingredient (cyphenothrin in the dog formula and etofenprox in the cat formula).

Independent clinical tests show that the combination of active ingredients in Fiproguard® MAX and Pronyl OTC® MAX kill fleas and ticks dramatically faster than Frontline® Plus and maintain high levels of efficacy throughout the month.* Speed of kill is especially important to prevent the spread of diseases.

"Even if you prefer not to use pesticidal flea and tick control products, there are very effective alternative products available," stated Dr. Tony Johnson, a veterinarian and associate professor of veterinary medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana. "Not treating your pet at all is the most dangerous option."

For those who prefer to use natural methods of pest control, SENTRY Natural Defense® is a line of flea, tick and mosquito control products that contain natural ingredients. The active ingredients, derived from botanical oils, are highly effective at killing and repelling pests, as shown through clinical testing. A combination of botanical extracts including peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil and thyme oil kills fleas, ticks and repels mosquitoes. The products are safe around children and pets when used as directed.

SENTRY® Fiproguard® MAX and SENTRY Natural Defense® are available at pet specialty stores nationwide. For more information on Fiproguard® MAX, visit For more information on SENTRY Natural Defense®, visit

Sergeant's® Pronyl OTC® MAX is available at grocery and mass retail stores nationwide. For more information, visit

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*Frontline® is a registered trademark of Merial. SENTRY® Fiproguard® and Sergeant's® Pronyl OTC® are not manufactured by or distributed by Merial. Fiproguard® MAX and Pronyl OTC® MAX contain fipronil, the active ingredient used in Frontline® brand products, combined with a second active ingredient. In independent studies comparing the efficacy of the combination of ingredients in Fiproguard MAX and Pronyl OTC® MAX to Frontline® Plus, more fleas and ticks died within the first hour after application of the combination of ingredients in Fiproguard® MAX. This high level of efficacy was maintained throughout the month.

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