February 16, 2006 16:21 ET

Web-Based Medical Records Service Provides Fast, Secure Transfer of Data in Emergencies by

BOCA RATON, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 16, 2006 -- Ewire -- Serious accidents and diverse medical emergencies are everyday facts of life. And, since people see more doctors and specialists today, their medical histories tend to be scattered and incomplete. This is an increasingly critical concern when people and their families are far from home, injured in accidents or suffering from serious illnesses.

When EMS, police or fire/rescue teams arrive on the scene to treat heart attack victims, people injured in vehicular accidents, industrial mishaps or any medical emergency, they need to know a person's medical history so they can begin immediate and effective treatment without compromising a victim's existing health conditions. This quick assessment and reaction time can often make a difference between life and death.

EMR's growing impact to address this critical need for instantaneous and up-to-date medical and legal information, Access My Records LLC (AMR), a Boca Raton-based company, has developed, which is becoming a leader in the emerging computer-based EMR (electronic medical records) industry. The service allows emergency responders to obtain, in an instant, a person's health and legal profile/history by using the Internet or calling a toll free number. Using an AccessID(SM) code and a person's name, a secure "read only" file will detail the important information for an emergency responder to administer proper treatment.

Typically, a personal health summary profile will include: emergency contacts; doctors; allergies; medications; past surgeries; medical history; implanted devices; insurance information; health care power of attorney; living will; and DNR order. This is just some of the information that can be stored and retrieved using this service.

The health care industry believes that computer-based medical information services, hold great potential for improving the quality and delivery of care, especially in emergencies when timely access to a person's health profile is critical.

"Our service works as well in non-emergency situations such as visits to a doctor's office or to the pharmacy," said Leonard Tambasco, AMR's managing member. "While having one's information universally available for health care professionals is the hope of the future, is making it happen now, 24/7, at any time and from anywhere in the world."

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