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April 04, 2011 09:15 ET

Web Project Management

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - April 4, 2011) - The brand new edition of the Web Project Management program is now ready for distribution. This is more than just an updated version of previously released material; it now includes the new and improved Project Management Dashboard program.

One of the major concerns brought up by project managers that were dealing with managing their project on the web was control over the project and the information that was readily available. This concern has been successfully addresses with the dashboard program by Project Management Software.

The new dashboard now allows the project manager to see updates to their web based project in real time. This allows for the manager to always now the current statues of the different tasks they assigned to their project team members.

The dashboard can be set up in multiple different ways that suits the manager. This customizable approach allows for them to choose what is important for them and their project to be represented on the dashboard. On the dashboard itself is a graphical representation asset up with the goal of giving the project manager currant data on specific items in an easy to understand format so if an issue needs to be addressed, it can be recognized instantly.

The web project manager program has other new innovations now included with it. Total control over a web based project has always been at the top of any priority list for project managers. This is now possible to a greater degree than ever before.

Today the standard read only and edit permit is still available just like in the past. There are also more abilities to decide on what can be edited and by whom. It is now possible to designate what pages each person on the project team can access and to what existent. No longer is the switch a total on or off.

By having this ability, the project manager no longer has to worry about project team members going into areas of the online project and making unauthorized changes. This removes all the guess work about who has done what, when and where once the final project is completed. It is all about having total control along with the total responsibility of the online management of the project.

For the project manager that has more than one project running simultaneously, the web project management program can handle the load. The number of projects and their associated dashboards are all decided by the manager themselves. If you need two dashboards, that is permissible, if you need ten that can also be done. The program does not limit or tie the hands of the manager anymore.

This does not eliminate the need for update reports from the different members of your project team, but it does reduce their importance during the course of the project. Each project still has to be properly documented, but with the project being based on the web, the flow of information is faster and in larger quantities so less ambiguity occurs during the project.

The web project management program is the management tool to have when you expand your business to the web and utile all the possibilities that exist there.

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