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March 29, 2012 14:30 ET

WebLayers Partners With CollabNet to Improve Software Code Governance for Highly Regulated Industries

Collaborating in Federal, Healthcare and Financial Markets

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - Mar 29, 2012) - WebLayers, Inc. today announced the availability of the WebLayers Governor for CollabNet® TeamForge™. WebLayers extends and strengthens CollabNet's global collaboration capabilities to financial institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies and third-party partners through a fully automated, configurable solution that delivers software code governance into the development life cycle and across the enterprise -- from the cloud and the mainframe to the desktop and the handset.

WebLayers integrates with CollabNet TeamForge, Apache® Subversion™ for source code management and other critical points in the software development life cycle (SDLC) to align core process and technology elements with policies, standards, and guidelines developed by a variety of industry bodies and government agencies, as well as best practices. WebLayers, through its policy automation and code analysis, highlights potential errors and risk associated with thousands if not millions of lines of code that can potentially be in the source code repository. By providing a simple, aggregated, and objective view of software code compliance, all stakeholders can understand the impact of nonconformance from both a technical and a business perspective.

"WebLayers and CollabNet together provide a comprehensive solution to not only manage the development life cycle, but govern it as well. A common approach to software governance helps development teams to reduce costs, improve engineering productivity, and speed deployment," said Ron Karas, WebLayers' vice president of client service. "More importantly, ensuring software code compliance mitigates potential software glitches before they manifest into serious business risks."

Benefits to CollabNet customers

  • Accelerated code review process through automated governance
  • Adherence to governance industry standards and best practices
  • Seamless integration with an organization's existing tools
  • Commonality of standards across all development for greater interoperability

"For any software vendor who works with the federal government, compliance is more than a risk factor. It is the cost of doing business. Outsourced development, mixed source code, distributed teams -- all contribute to the complexity of meeting regulatory compliance," said Bart Kelly, Vice President, Federal Business Unit, CollabNet. "WebLayers has been deeply involved in establishing enterprise governance policy for customers and has codified best practices into the largest policy library in the industry. Whether your agency is dealing with STIG requirements from DISA, FEA-based SOA models, ensuring FISMA compliance, or a multitude of other governance needs, WebLayers and CollabNet have the solution."

About WebLayers
WebLayers' automated, cross platform governance framework improves software quality, helping organizations to ensure against damaging software glitches, reduce costs, and speed the development and deployment of applications from the cloud to the handset. Learn more at

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CollabNet is the recognized leader in enterprise cloud development and Agile ALM, with more than 7,000 global customers that range from single workgroups to large enterprises. Its deep open source roots include the creation of Subversion, the industry leading version control system with millions of users. CollabNet helps enterprise customers build and deploy better software through its focus on collaboration, enterprise Agile methods, and cloud development and computing. Many CollabNet customers improve productivity by as much as 70 percent, while reducing costs by 80 percent. Its solutions include TeamForge®, the industry-leading Agile ALM platform for distributed development, ScrumWorks® Pro for Agile project management, Subversion Edge for managed source code management, Codesion™ for cloud-based development and deployment, and a range of Agile-based training, consulting and transformation services. For more information, please visit (

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