September 14, 2009 00:00 ET

Weblings Released Into the Wild! WebWars Launches First Game

Fantasy Collecting Game Unlocks the Mysterious Creatures Hidden in the Internet

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - September 14, 2009) - Tired of slow Web connections, downtime and broken links? Don't blame your cable provider. Blame a group of malevolent bugs that have been living inside the Internet, and are now engaged in fierce combat with a group of magical beings called "Weblings." Weblings™ are here to save the Web from disruption and disarray, but they need help...

WebWars™ today introduced Weblings, the first browser-based game on its innovative, layered reality gaming (LRG) platform. Weblings is a fun online Player vs Environment (PvE) game focused around collecting, with a fantasy storyline. The game is free-to-play and available to players over the age of 13. Users can gain open access on the game's Web site at

In Weblings, each player's mission is to rescue a group of unique Webling characters, which are hidden everywhere on the Web, trapped by evil bugs. To find and rescue the Weblings, players must battle the bugs, equipped with a range of special powers. Their goal is to win character shards, which will eventually unlock an ever-changing collection of Weblings. Once unlocked, each Webling possesses different strengths and powers and can be used for future battles, as players strive to free the Weblings from their evil captors.

The WebWars LRG platform turns the Internet itself into a game, allowing users to play while they surf the Web; browsing news, entertainment and social networking sites, among others. This adds depth to gameplay, while allowing players to multi-task on the Web.

Weblings has also integrated social and community features to make playing more fun. Players can friend each other in Weblings or through Facebook and individual status updates can be shared through the newsfeed in the game. Each Weblings player also has a virtual village where their rescued Weblings live in peace and harmony. These villages can be decorated with items won from hard-fought battles or purchased through the Weblings store. Players can also purchase gifts for friends, including missing shards of locked Weblings and character shard "grab bags," which can contain any variety of pieces for missing Weblings.

"Weblings have been crying out for help, and we see it as our personal mission to help rescue them from a life of enslavement," said Cindy Armstrong, CEO of WebWars. "This mission happily coincides with us building a fun, engaging and social game, that people can enjoy while they're browsing the Web. Weblings is the first of many such games from WebWars and we're really proud of it."

Built in Flash, the Weblings game can be installed in Internet Explorer or Firefox through a simple toolbar download; additional browser integration will be available soon.

WebWars will be introducing additional games based on the LRG platform, which will include Player vs Player (PvP) games as well. The platform leverages existing open source technology within a re-usable modular game system developed by the company. These modules enable interchangeable themes, gameplay mechanics and standard games components (social networking, chat features, billing, etc.), allowing developers to roll out new games on an aggressive development timeline. WebWars is able to pick and choose from a variety of features for its future title development, drastically reducing time-to-market and costs. The modules are also backwards compatible, enabling WebWars to upgrade existing games with future developments, in order to extend a successful franchise.

For more information about the WebWars toolbar or to begin playing Weblings, please visit

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