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April 16, 2007 08:30 ET

WebNet Global Communications Announces New Subsidiary, WebNet Global EU B.V., to Build Wireless Mesh Networks in the European Union

WebNet Global EU has agreed to purchase $12.5 Million Euros worth of Hopling Technologies equipment to build wireless mesh networks throughout the European Union

ALMERE, NETHERLANDS--(CCNMatthews - April 16, 2007) - WebNet Global Communications Ltd. (www.webnetglobal.net) announced today the creation of a new operating subsidiary named WebNet Global EU B.V. that will be based in Almere, Netherlands. WebNet Global EU has targeted ten regions in the European Union to build broadband wireless mesh networks for residential and business customers.

WebNet Global EU has signed an equipment purchase agreement with Hopling Technologies (www.hopling.com) to purchase $12.5 million Euros worth of HopWARE mesh networking equipment for its operating mesh network in Almere as well as several other markets. In addition to the equipment purchase, WebNet will also subscribe to Hopling Technologies Managed Services program to proactively monitor WebNet's wireless networks, provide customer technical support and manage trouble tickets for preventive maintenance of the wireless network.

WebNet Global EU is in the process of applying for a WiMAX license in the Netherlands as well as other European Nations.

The wireless network implemented by WebNet Global EU, operated by the new WebNet Netherlands office in Almere, becomes generally available on Monday, providing wireless mobility in the Almere City Center and the marina. WebNet Global EU recognizes the enormous opportunity in Europe and has selected the Netherlands, the gateway to Europe, to launch its European mobility network including Voice over IP (VoIP) service for both residential and business customers to make local and long distance phone calls.

The network is deployed using Xnet Viper quad-radio nodes, which provide a choice of 900 MHz, 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz, 4.9GHz and/or 5GHz radios that can be selected according to network requirements.

The wireless mesh network will be proactively managed by Hopling Technologies Managed Services program, which is hosted and managed from Hopling Services' Network Operating Center in Almere. The network's authentication, billing, roaming and pricing services will be managed from WebNet's Network Operating Service Center in Vancouver, Canada.

"WebNet Europe EU is in the process of applying for a Mobile WiMAX license in the Netherlands," said Jos van Poederooyen, WebNet Global EU's President and Chief Executive Officer. "By implementing Hopling Technologies' WiMAX ready Xnet Viper series equipment we are constructing a sophisticated carrier-grade wireless mesh network, one that will be operational today and ready tomorrow when Mobile WiMAX becomes generally available."

"Wireless mobility in residential homes and businesses is quite new in larger parts of the world," said Gregory C. Carrington, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WebNet Global Communications. "There is an opportunity in virtually every city in the EU -- both large and small -- that we can capitalize on with Hopling Technologies' HopWARE Mesh Architecture with its built-in cost-effective coverage capabilities. This will allow us to deploy mobile services rapidly and cost-efficiently in our planned operating areas. It will also let us quickly scale the wireless network as demand requires."

"Hopling Technologies was chosen over more than thirty potential mesh network vendors because of the equipment's superior performance in these categories: scalability, mobility, broadband throughput, equipment reliability, multiple frequencies offered, customer and corporate satisfaction of existing deployments, supplier history, deliverability and pricing," said Frank Koopman, Chief Executive Officer of Hopling Technologies. "By using Hopling Technologies state-of-art mesh networking nodes and the Hopling Managed Services program we can offer WebNet Global EU a complete solution including network management for wireless voice, data and video applications."

About Hopling Technologies

Hopling Technologies is a global leader in wireless mesh networking equipment for enterprises, operators and service providers. The Company delivers carrier-grade Wi-Fi hotspot solutions and proven mesh network solutions suitable for metropolitan area networks, wireless local area networks, the last mile, wireless connectivity, mobile broadband solutions, video surveillance, IP-based cellular phones (VoIP) and event-based solutions. Hopling Technologies is fulfilling the potential of the new generation WiMAX end-to-end solutions through its HopMAX™ product portfolio. Hopling Technologies is an active member of the WiMAX Forum. More information is available on www.hopling.com.

About WebNet Global Communications Ltd.

WebNet Global Communications Ltd., previously known as WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd., is based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia; WebNet Global Communications is building a next generation dynamic broadband Wi-Fi/WiMAX wireless Mesh Network throughout North America, the United Kingdom and European Union. The Company is offering a full portfolio of broadband services, including high-speed wireless Internet access, VoIP phone services, Wi-Fi mobile phones, video verified security and Internet television programming. WebNet's network design delivers converged wireless products and services to business and residential customers that would be normally purchased from several different providers, all in one low cost bundle, with 24/7 customer support.

Based on extensive primary research, the Company has selected the top 25 most lucrative cities in Canada, 10 prime markets in the EU, 30 prime markets in the UK and 100 prime markets in the United States that offer the highest propensity to buy broadband wireless products and services due to pent up demand and limited availability of wired broadband services. The Company is actively selling licensed metro Wi-Fi Territories, Star Network Territories, IP mobile mesh Network Territories and Corporate Equity Investment opportunities to qualified participants. Licensed Wi-Fi Territories are now available to qualified investors that would like to buy one or more regional networks that will provide monthly recurring revenue and royalty payments. Business owners, franchisors and investors need no technical knowledge of wireless to begin building their own business in the lucrative $3 billion municipal wireless industry. Interested parties should visit the Company's website at www.webnetglobal.net.

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