WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.

WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.

September 14, 2007 15:39 ET

WebNet Global Communications Premieres the First WebNet Global Retail Store in Abbotsford, British Columbia to Demo Products and Services for Residential and Business Customers

New retail locations will be rolled out to all WebNet Global Communications broadband wireless service areas and will sell high-speed wireless Internet access, VoIP phones, verified security systems and 3D holographic (3dh™) home entertainment and business services

ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 14, 2007) - WebNet Global Communications announced today that the Company will officially open their first WebNet Global Store retail location via an official ribbon cutting ceremony commencing at 12:45 pm on Saturday, September 15, 2007. In attendance will be the Mayor, City Council Members, MLA, MP and many other local dignitaries.

The WebNet Global Store ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the new store's location at 32883 South Fraser Way, Ste. 108 in Abbotsford, BC (Just across from Sevenoaks Mall). Directions are available by calling 604-755-4199.

The new WebNet Global Store provides a wide selection of 'Next Generation Communication' services for both residential and business customers. Customers can now learn more about how broadband wireless technology works and receive a free demonstration on how utilizing wireless technology will provide them the freedom to work and communicate while 'on the go'.

The retail location also has a 3dh™ Media Room where people can view and learn about this new 3D holographic television and display technology and its many applications, which is something you really have to see to understand.

The WebNet Global Store provides demonstrations for a number of new services that will enhance mobile wireless Internet access, provide cost-effective Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls, make remote security monitoring possible and provide a brand new type of 3D holographic (3dh™) home entertainment and business services possible. Many of these services work on WebNet Global's broadband wireless infrastructure that is being deployed throughout the Abbotsford area.

As a special introductory promotion the Company is offering its '3 For FREE' Worldwide Long Distance Calling promotion that allows anyone that comes to the store, the ability to call anywhere in the world for free, for 3 minutes.

"WebNet Global Communications is freeing Abbotsford consumers from the restrictions of cables, cords and wires by offering one of the most advanced wireless broadband services available today," said William Legg, WebNet Global Communications' Chief Marketing Officer. "We are offering residences and businesses a High-Speed Internet service coupled with easy-to-use technology and the freedom to access the Internet wirelessly across the city within WebNet Global's expanding coverage area."

Customers within WebNet Global's broadband wireless network coverage area will have access to a fast, simple, reliable and affordable alternative to traditional dial-up, cable and DSL, which eliminates the confines of traditional cable or telephone wiring, allowing customers to connect at home, a local coffeehouse, the office or virtually anywhere within Abbotsford.

Small businesses in the downtown district will benefit from the cost savings that wireless connections offer versus expensive wired T1 telephone circuits. Users 'on the go' benefit from the freedom to move around town and remain connected to email and Internet-based applications using laptops and PDAs with wireless access capabilities.

"We are proud to help Abbotsford join the ranks of one the most leading edge municipalities in Canada by building a next generation wireless network for the city," said Dr. Gregory C. Carrington C.A.S., President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of WebNet Global Communications. "We can offer high-speed connections virtually anywhere in our expanding coverage area throughout the city and we feel that this helps in providing the city with the necessary broadband assets to attract new, high-growth companies such as high technology and entertainment related businesses."

WebNet Global Communications' next-generation, line-of-sight wireless broadband network solution connects customers through unlicensed spectrum. The service provides for a combination mobile and fixed wireless service. Radio signals are transmitted by way of a Network of radio antennas to wireless enabled laptops providing mobility and to consumer premise rooftop equipment for easy connection to the Internet, for home or office use.

WebNet Global Communications Internet VoIP Phone Service works with a customer's existing high-speed Internet access. Service plans provide unlimited local calling in WebNet's expanding coverage area nation wide and unlimited North American calling for one low monthly rate. Abbotsford customers can additionally take advantage of highly competitive long-distance rates to call family and friends anywhere in the world.

About WebNet Global Communications

WebNet Global Communications Ltd. (WebNet Global) is based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, with US corporate offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. WebNet Global is building a next generation dynamic broadband Wi-Fi/WiMAX Wireless Mesh Network of citywide "Hot Zones" throughout North America, the United Kingdom and the balance of the European Union.

WebNet Global is offering a full portfolio of broadband services, including High-Speed Wireless Internet access, VoIP phone services, Wi-Fi mobile phones, Verified Security and a 3dh™ Technologies Media Center. WebNet Global's Network design delivers converged wireless products and services to business and residential customers that would be normally purchased from several different providers, all in one low cost bundle, with 24/7 customer support.

Based on extensive primary research, WebNet Global has selected the top 25 most lucrative cities in Canada, 1O prime markets in the EU, 3O prime markets in the UK and 1OO prime markets in the United States that offer the highest propensity to buy broadband wireless products and services due to pent up demand and/or limited availability of wired broadband services. WebNet Global is actively selling licensed metro Wi-Fi Star Network Territories, WebNet Global Store/Dealerships, IP Mobile Mesh Network Territories and Corporate Equity Investment opportunities to qualified participants.

Licensed Wi-Fi Star Network Territories, for passive participant investment, are now available to qualified investors that would like to buy one or more regional networks that will provide quarterly recurring royalty payments. WebNet Global Store/Dealerships, for active participant investment, are also available. Potential investors, business owners/franchisees need no technical knowledge of the wireless industry to begin building their own business in the lucrative multi-billion dollar 'municipal wireless' industry.

WebNet Global offers several Strategic Partnership Programs. For Wireless ISP operators the Company's WISP Strategic Partnership Program allows Wireless ISP operators to participate and benefit by increased subscriber services and revenue. Additionally the Company's Municipal Strategic Partnership Program can also offer all municipalities the opportunity to build out a citywide wireless mesh network without risking one dollar of taxpayer money. Unlike most business models of selling equipment and consulting services directly to municipalities, WebNet Global's markets are 1OO% funded with private money before a market is scheduled for a build out. This means that municipal government decision makers can elect to build a citywide mesh network and participate in revenue sharing, but will not have to risk any taxpayer money on the network construction or the future operations of the wireless network. Interested parties should contact WebNet Global or visit the Company's website at www.webnetglobal.net.

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