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January 21, 2010 08:01 ET

Websense Enhances Web Security Gateway Coverage for Facebook -- Announces Integrated Defensio Social Web Threat Detection

Launches Industry's First Real-Time Security Application for Facebook, Driving Safe Adoption of the Social Web With a Unified Security Solution

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - January 21, 2010) - Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN), a global leader in unified Web, data and email security solutions, today introduced Defensio™ 2.0, which analyzes and classifies user-generated content on Facebook to prevent the posting of malicious and inappropriate content, and enhances the real-time threat intelligence of the Websense® Web Security Gateway. The release of Defensio 2.0 delivers the industry's first and only security application designed for Facebook that provides Facebook page owners real-time content and security analysis of comments, wall posts, third party applications, links and other content posted to their Facebook page. Whereas other security offerings are designed to clean a user's computer after it has been infected, Websense worked with Facebook to create the first and only security application that helps protect Facebook users from encountering malicious links, inappropriate content, viruses or spam, and is the first application to do so for both corporate and individual Facebook page owners.

The unique Web 2.0 threat detection and analysis conducted by Defensio is incorporated into all Websense solutions, including the Websense Web Security Gateway, so customers are protected from emerging threats and malicious content before they spread beyond the social Web and become a broader security concern. With the Defensio security application for Facebook, Websense is the first and only security vendor able to integrate into its security solutions the threat intelligence captured behind the closed doors of private social networks -- where many new threats first emerge, incubate and spread.

"Other Web security technologies that try to address uncategorized Web 2.0 content using only virus signatures, URL reputation or categorization are fundamentally flawed and limited," said Dan Hubbard, chief technology officer, Websense. "With the combination of the security intelligence captured by Defensio and the real-time content analysis of Websense Web Security Gateway, Websense users benefit from having early threat detection sensors within the very fabric of the dynamic Web and the ability to proactively identify and protect from new malware, emerging exploits or potentially unwanted applications before they become a problem."

Websense Web Security Gateway and Defensio analyze the links on the social Web before users try to access them, gaining intelligence of the site as well as the content and embedded links on it. Leveraging this threat intelligence, Web Security Gateway customers benefit from finely tuned real-time URL categorization, real-time content classification, and nine points of reputation inspection -- including property type, lexical and search reputation, history, age, geography, neighboring properties and more.

The problem of inappropriate content and malicious links is a growing concern for businesses using Web 2.0 enabled sites. The recent Websense Web 2.0 at Work survey identified that 95 percent of organizations allow access to Web 2.0 sites and 62 percent of IT managers think Web 2.0 is necessary to their business. Yet, the same aspects that make Web 2.0 sites popular -- the ability for anyone to post and distribute content -- also increase the risk of encountering security threats. Facebook approved the Defensio security application as part of its ongoing efforts to keep the site secure for both organizational and individual users. The Defensio application helps organizations protect their brand reputation and their "fans" from spam or malicious content on their corporate Facebook pages, while at the same time feeding valuable threat intelligence into Websense global security network to enhance security for Websense Web Security Gateway customers.

In addition to real-time content scanning and classification, the Websense Web Security Gateway also leverages security intelligence gathered from the 50 million real-time data collecting systems of the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network and the company's continuously updated database of millions of classified URLs across more than 90 categories, in more than 50 languages. The Websense Web Security Gateway continues to evolve as the most knowledgeable resource on the ever shifting Web -- gathering data through unique partnerships with and ISP service providers, like Radialpoint, to collect and categorize Web intelligence that is unavailable to other security providers.

"Businesses that try to take advantage of the many collaboration, communication, and real business values of Web 2.0 and the social Web are, unfortunately, frequently exposed to risk," said Hubbard. "Websense solves this challenge and provides unparalleled coverage and protection for the dynamic Web by integrating into its very fabric."

The Defensio security application for Facebook is immediately available in limited beta. To download it for free, or to learn more about the Defensio 2.0 platform for Web 2.0 sites, visit To view a video introduction to Defensio 2.0 and its new features, visit

To learn more about the Websense Web Security Gateway, visit

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