December 06, 2012 11:59 ET

Website Design Company Hyper6 Helps Update Business' Websites for 2013 With Innovative, Award-Winning Designs

Hyper6 caters to any kind of business that is looking to improve their online presence. Hyper6 will design business' websites, landing pages, logos and more. With a team of experienced professionals, Hyper6 knows how to design an eye-catching website that will impress customers and increase business in 2013.

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 6, 2012) - Hyper6 - an award-winning web design and development firm - is offering a range of services to improve a business' online presence for 2013. Hyper6 caters to the needs of any kind of business and is dedicated to improving their website and landing page, just in time for the New Year.

Hyper6 is known for producing high-quality landing pages and boasts production of the best landing pages in the industry. Regardless of whether a business requires a short, succinct landing page or one with longer sales copy, Hyper6 is dedicated to going above and beyond expectations.

Alex Nicholas, owner of Hyper6, explains that, "We are very excited Hyper6.com has received so much support and publicity regarding our landing page and website design services." However, Hyper6 worked hard to produce this support and publicity. Hyper6's over-performance, their careful attention to each individual business' product and sales needs, and their dedication to customer satisfaction are all factors why Hyper6 has become the best in the business for landing pages. A quick glance at the company's extensive web design and landing page portfolio shows just how much attention they pay to detail with every client job.

In addition to designing innovative landing pages, Hyper6 is also able to help update a business' website or improve their online presence just in time for 2013 with professionally designed web pages, WordPress themes and logos. Hyper6's designs can update a business' website to engage users, while professionally designed WordPress themes can help increase a business' productivity by facilitating updates. Professional logos, SEO (search engine optimization) services, and marketing services are additional services offered by the Hyper6 team that keep businesses dominating in their respective industries.

Hyper6 is comprised of a talented team. With over fifteen years of web design experience and more than eight years of Internet marketing experience, the Hyper6 team is sure to help any business reach their 2013 goals. The Hyper6 team is made up of top-notch designers and experienced programmers, meaning an innovative solution will be brought to the table complete with an award-winning design.

Hyper6 offers free quotes to any business interested in updating their website, improving their overall online presence, or having a unique logo made for 2013. Contact information, including name, email address and phone number, must be included along with a brief message regarding what kind of web or graphic design the business requires. The scope of the project, the estimated budget, and the timeframe of the project are all factors that will influence the quote.


Hyper6.com is a web and design company that creates innovative, unique and eye-catching material to improve any business' online presence. A team of professionals with experience in web design and Internet marketing create web pages, WordPress themes and logos. In addition to that, Hyper6 produces award-winning landing pages and also offers SEO and marketing services. For more information on Hyper6 or to order a professionally designed landing page, visit www.hyper6.com.

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