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March 02, 2011 13:00 ET

Webtrends Announces Analytics 10 -- the Next Generation of Digital Analytics at Engage Conference

Innovative Capabilities Connect the Dots for Today's Digital Marketers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 2, 2011) - Webtrends, the global leader in mobile and social analytics, today announced their plans for the future of their digital analytics product at their annual Engage customer conference held in San Francisco, CA on March 1st and 2nd.

With the ascendancy of mobile and social marketing, the way in which companies connect with their customers has become exponentially more complex. Marketers today work in silos and lack a true picture of customer engagement levels across their digital channels. This lack of visibility can lead to less effective marketing campaigns, an inconsistent brand experience, lost opportunities, and an incomplete understanding of the necessary digital channel mix required for obtaining, engaging and retaining customers. 

According to a November 10, 2010 Forrester Research, Inc. independent report, "CMO Mandate: Adapt Or Perish," "Marketers have never been challenged with so much change, so fast. The new ecosystem of interactive media, mobile technology, and digital devices wreaks havoc on a marketer's system of planning and managing, like it did on the world of broadcast and print. In response, they are scrambling to adjust their organizations to try to keep up."

Meeting the needs of today's marketers, Webtrends announced Analytics 10, an innovative new platform for measuring digital performance across digital marketing assets. Analytics 10 is designed around three breakthrough capabilities: i) Analytics Across Digital Channels; ii) Data Beyond the Tag; and, iii) Intelligent Campaign Discovery.

  • Analytics Across Digital Channels: Digital performance today is measured in silos and today's multi-channel analytics solutions fall short by merely delivering a website-centric view. Webtrends' next generation of analytics provides a true out-of-the-box mobile, social and site experience for marketers with channel-specific performance measures and comparisons at the brand level.

  • Data Beyond the Tag: Marketers work within a marketing ecosystem that changes constantly, is extremely diverse and dictates a rapid time-to-market. The notion that only "tagged" data can be analyzed and reported on is no longer valid in order to meet the needs of marketers. Webtrends' next generation of analytics provides marketers the ability to measure the marketing ecosystem regardless of the source of data including tags, feeds, APIs, and public data.

  •  Intelligent Campaign Discovery: Marketers today need a better way of tracking the success of campaigns without the burden of complex systems and tools. Webtrends' next generation of analytics auto-detects your campaigns making it the simplest campaign measurement solution available.

"I am continually impressed with how Webtrends understands not only the industry, but more importantly, my business, and continues to innovate with our needs in mind. As my objectives and digital activity evolve, so too do Webtrends' solutions. It is clear they listen to their customers and are focused on empowering leading online brands to make excellent decisions regarding their mobile, social and website marketing efforts," said Chris Moon, Business Digital Analyst at Visit London.

"Webtrends is the first company we have seen that pulls together tagged and untagged data and presents it in a clear, meaningful way. This is truly a case of '1+1=3,'" said Carol Leaman, CEO of Postrank, the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry.

Webtrends announced that it is planning for general availability of Analytics 10 in April 2011.

"The next generation of our Analytics product line, Analytics 10, will help marketers break down the silos they operate in today. Mobile, social, site -- marketers want to understand how they engage with their customers no matter what the digital channel. Analytics 10 will finally be the one tool that allows them to easily view and analyze their brand's place in the digital universe, to create powerful strategies around those insights and to optimize existing campaigns as well," said Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends.

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