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November 10, 2010 08:00 ET

Webtrends Segments and Score Calculate What Customers Really Want

Create More Relevant Marketing by Segmenting Customer Behaviors Into Shades of Gray, Not Merely Yes or No

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - November 10, 2010) -  Companies have long known that visitors have a variety of interests and needs. But marketers have struggled to leverage this information in targeting. By integrating Score and Segments, Webtrends™ solves that problem. Today, marketers can quantify each customer's interest for multiple topics. With Score, you gain the insight to do more relevant and effective marketing in social media, mobile, email, and on the web.

Customers are More Than Numbers: They are Many Values
Only Webtrends Score quantifies levels of activity, interest and engagement based on rules you create. Most other tools use only yes-or-no segmentation. Score builds a more insightful profile about a customer over time, helping marketers create more relevant and effective marketing campaigns.

Database Marketing Expert Gary Angel: "Sets a New Bar for Database Marketers"
"By adding behavioral scores within Segments, Webtrends has set a new bar for database marketers," said Gary Angel, president and co-founder of Semphonic. "Score's ability to measure depth of interest lets database marketers create a true rank-ordering of individuals. And by putting this capability within Segments, companies have direct access to the information for database marketing activities. This makes it easier to:

  1. Build target segments based on engagement and depth of behavior.
  2. Combine depth of interest criteria with behavioral and demographic segmentation."

According to Angel, "You just can't do really effective online database targeting without both of these capabilities."

Author, Consultant, and Industry Thought-Leader Eric T. Peterson: "Leverage Engagement to Maximize Revenue"
"Measuring visitor and customer engagement continues to be a hot topic, although one fraught with complexity and controversy," said Eric T. Peterson, CEO and founder of Web Analytics Demystified. "Webtrends Score and Segments simplify the process of calculating user and visitor engagement and give business owners the ability to actively target engaged individuals across diverse digital channels in an effort to maximize revenue."

Webtrends Score and Segments Availability
As of November 5, 2010, Webtrends Segments and Score are integrated. To see how these solutions can bring value to your organization, view a video at

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