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March 08, 2016 08:00 ET

Webtrends Streaming Data Pipeline Built to Deliver Unlimited, Real-Time Analytics

Using Big Data Technologies, Webtrends Is Reinventing Its Digital Analytics Solution

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - March 08, 2016) - Webtrends has created a streaming data pipeline from the point of ingestion to the point of consumption to support its forthcoming analytics solution, Infinity Analytics™.

"The Internet of Things requires that we rethink both how we process data and how we make real-time decisions within the business intelligence systems that rely on that data," said Peter Crossley, Director of Product Architecture & Technology at Webtrends. "Our big data platform, Webtrends Infinity, is built to handle data from most any device -- a website, cell phone, refrigerator or a sensor in a car, for example. All of these different data sources from around the world can be aggregated together in real time in the Infinity platform to analyze and feed action systems instantly."

Webtrends uses multiple data centers around the world to aggregate data and collate it into a streaming network where it is fed into Hadoop HDFS and other in-memory stores.

"Unlike many analytic solutions in the marketplace, there are no limits to what you can collect and store within Infinity," said Crossley. "At any time, you can inspect and ask a new question of your data using any set of measures, any date ranges and any event details. The Infinity platform is a data miner's dream since it is powered by a real-time streaming pipeline."

To learn more about real time analytics, read Crossley's full blog: Making Real-Time Analytics a Reality with Webtrends Infinity™

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