Wedge Networks Inc.

Wedge Networks Inc.

February 19, 2009 07:00 ET

Wedge Networks Reports Demand for Enterprise Web Security on the Rise

Leader in High Performance Web Security Protects Businesses Relying on Web Transactions from Malicious Attacks

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Feb. 19, 2009) - Wedge Networks Inc. ("Wedge"), a technology leader in high performance network-based web security solutions, announced today that it is helping global companies protect their networks from sophisticated and financially-motivated malicious attacks with BeSecure Web Gateway, its award-winning and proven deep content inspection network appliance.

An example of BeSecure's impact is through Monarch Messenger Services Ltd. ("Monarch"), a Canadian-based trucking and logistics company. In addition to a traditional IT infrastructure, Monarch relies on its web portal for streamlining business operations between drivers, employees and customers. Monarch's drivers use the web portal to update status of orders; its employees use it for remote access from the field; and its customers use the web portal to place and track orders, generate reports on day-to-day business, and review invoices and documents.

"Between our drivers, employees and customers across Canada, our network affects over 2,000 people," said Graham MacDonald, System Administrator at Monarch. "With that kind of number, it is mission critical for Monarch to ensure our corporate network security is handled by specialists, the best in the field. This is why we chose Wedge Networks and its BeSecure Web Gateway appliance."

Initially implementing BeSecure's Virus Protection functionality for malware and malicious code detection, Monarch expanded their deployment with the BeSecure Web Filtering and Spam Filter modules.

"After evaluating other solution providers, Wedge Networks' BeSecure Web Gateway proved to be the only network-based web security appliance that ensured Monarch's drivers, employees and customers the fastest and safest network," said MacDonald. "Since deployment, we have experienced reduced maintenance time for all our computers, servers and mobile devices. Furthermore, BeSecure's high performance engine and superior accuracy of malicious content inspection ensures data security and protection from web-based threats."

Dr. Hongwen Zhang, President and CEO of Wedge Networks, emphasizes the significance of network level protection: "The network connects all endpoints together-computers, servers, and mobile devices-and when it's not protected the economic risks can be crippling; end users, such as employees and customers, suddenly become victims of criminal attackers. Recent studies report only 15 percent of businesses worldwide have deployed specialized network-based protection making the threat of malicious attacks over the web very high," he said.

Despite corporations advancing their patching and protection mechanisms, the vast majority remain easy targets for criminal attackers because of several limitations. Traditional anti-virus protection, for example, does not protect the network itself and cannot keep up with rapidly-changing endpoint targeted attacks. Similar weaknesses apply to non-specialized security appliances, such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, as their narrow packet-based inspection makes them blind to web-based threats. Criminals typically bypass these measures through targeted web-based attacks on a corporation's servers or by tricking users into pulling malicious content through their networks to vulnerable endpoints.

"With these types of threats in mind, Monarch Messenger Services is one of a few organizations that have proactively implemented precautions against emerging web-based malicious attacks," said Dr. Zhang. "We are excited to see companies like Monarch ensure their reputation for superior service is embodied throughout the corporation and within its IT infrastructure."

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About Wedge Networks Inc.

Wedge Networks provides high performance network-based web security solutions to enterprises and service providers worldwide. Its technology leadership in deep content inspection allows organizations to protect against new and emerging web-based threats that traditional scanning methods have difficulty intercepting and controlling. Specialized in malicious-code detection and filtering at the network layer, Wedge Networks' solutions touch millions of users and provide protection for utilities, service providers, health care, oil and gas, government, web sites, and many other enterprise customers. Wedge Networks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has international offices in San Jose, California and Beijing, China.

About Wedge BeSecure

Wedge Networks' award-winning BeSecure Web Gateway appliance allows enterprises and service providers the ability to detect, block and defend against web-based malicious attacks that steal data, disrupt networks and damage credibility. The BeSecure suite of products include: BeSecure Web Gateway, BeSecure Spam Module, and BeSecure Webfilter Module. For more information, please visit

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