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Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey

April 04, 2016 12:00 ET

Weight Watchers® Partners With Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey for Wellness Initiatives

HRINJ Continues Its Commitment to Provide Innovative and Proven Wellness Programs

NEWARK, NJ--(Marketwired - April 04, 2016) - Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey (HRINJ) announced today that it will begin offering memberships to Weight Watchers®, the internationally recognized weight loss program. The partnership aligns with the healthcare CO-OP's mission to provide programs that promote wellness and offer members the opportunity to engage in healthy lifestyle initiatives.

The offering to HRINJ members coincides with the introduction of Weight Watchers new "Beyond the Scale" program, which provides a more holistic and personalized approach to weight loss, focusing on SmartPoints™ for food choices and FitPoints™ for activity. Weight Watchers experts believe the personalized approach to food and fitness will ultimately lead to not only weight loss, but a healthier lifestyle.

Internationally Recognized Brand 

"We're excited to have the opportunity to bring an internationally recognized brand and evidence-based resource to our members," said Robert Meehan, CEO of Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey. "Educating our members about living healthy is part of our core values, and we are confident this personalized approach to weight loss and wellness will resonate with them." 

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey's active members will have the opportunity to participate in Weight Watchers at no cost for a period of up to six months during the plan year with a discount thereafter. Members will be able to choose between the Weight Watchers Meetings membership and the OnlinePlus membership. The Meetings membership includes convenient meetings in local communities and member support, in addition to access to a full suite of digital tools. The Online Plus membership includes the digital and mobile tools, including food and activity trackers.

Wellness at HRINJ's Core

HRINJ is an advocate of wellness programs for its members, and has incorporated a number of programs into plan membership since its inception:

  • It was the first insurance company in the state to offer telemedicine through Teladoc, a service provided at no extra cost to plan members that delivers around the clock access to a board-certified doctor via a telephone or webchat.
  • Simply Smoke-less™ is a unique smoking cessation and harm reduction program which provides consultations with physicians and medications at zero cost to members, in an effort to get them to quit or modify their smoking habit. Members may continue treatment for as long as it is deemed necessary by a healthcare provider.
  • Its new V-Well program is a unique, 12-week, home-based virtual wellness and health-coaching pilot program which supports the healthy lifestyle behaviors of persons with chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes. The company has partnered with the CentraState Healthcare System to administer the program to members.

About Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey is a non-profit healthcare CO-OP that provides cost-effective and comprehensive healthcare coverage to individuals and small employer groups in New Jersey. HRINJ is a mission-and-health-based organization built to serve the best interests of its members. With no private shareholders, surplus revenues go towards ensuring individuals and small businesses served get the healthcare they need while providing ample services and reduced premiums.

HRINJ provides a voice for individuals and businesses who want to take part in their health and the healthcare process. The majority of its board of directors are members of the plan, offering opportunities for input about the best way for HRINJ to deliver healthcare and attain optimal outcomes for members. For more information, please visit Follow HRINJ on Facebook at,Twitter at, or LinkedIn at

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