November 19, 2013 22:00 ET

Welcome to Eng-Clicks, Asia: Global Response to Made-In-Canada Engineering Portal "Very Exciting"

Innovative and Ambitious Networking Hub Taking Shape as Membership Rises Rapidly

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 19, 2013) - Now open for registration, the revolutionary Eng-Clicks portal is poised to become an indispensable resource for Engineering and technical professionals around the world. Eng-Clicks is the flagship initiative of the Canadian Business and Finance Group (CB&FG), a corporate and engineering consultancy.

Since its launch in late August, the portal has attracted interest not just in Canada -- but from across the world. Eng-Clicks now boasts over 800 members from more than ten countries, including Canada, Poland, Brazil, India, South Africa, Pakistan, the UK, the US and Croatia.

Asked to explain how the Eng-Clicks team is adapting the portal to meet the needs of such a diverse membership base, CEO Marin Vratonjic explains, "We initially envisioned Eng-Clicks as a Canadian portal, with global collaboration coming later, once we were established domestically. When we connected with Solgenia -- an Italian company -- for our web conferencing and cloud components, we began to realize that the future of the portal was going to be shaped by the partners we worked with and by whichever markets were eager to engage. It took the astonishing, almost immediate response from international Engineering and technical professionals to show us that our purely 'Canadian' approach had really been counter-intuitive to the goals of the portal: collaboration, networking, knocking down walls between offices and bridging the physical distances between us."

Vratonjic, a Professional Engineer with a lengthy track record of entrepreneurship in consulting and manufacturing, was selected by the CB&FG Board of Directors to lead the Eng-Clicks initiative after being heavily involved in the initial planning activities.

"A project like this cannot evolve from a fixed vision, says Vratonjic. "So many things change between the idea and implementation stages. Eng-Clicks is changing right now, and it will continue to change as new members join and decide how they want to use the tools we provide. We don't want to try and control too much at this critical stage -- we want Eng-Clicks to be useful to members, and exactly what that means cannot be predicted in advance."

About Eng-Clicks

Envisioned and developed by a core team comprised of Engineers, machinists and business professionals, Eng-Clicks is a powerful networking tool and one-stop resource for technical, business and career advice. The platform features various membership options, job boards, tender listings and access to industry journals and cutting edge technical software.

Through its strategic partnership with Solgenia, Eng-Clicks will provide access to an extensive network of vendors, services and experts. Equally important is the support that members will provide to one another using Eng-Clicks advanced collaboration tools. Adds Marin Vratonjic, "We have members who have successfully immigrated to Canada, and members who want to come here. Eng-Clicks is a place where they can find one another; it's a virtual, global meeting place…a kind of exclusive club for our industry."

Another purpose of the portal is to connect Engineering professionals with quality goods and services quickly and easily. Vendors from all industries are encouraged to register, and current members include computer programmers, financial and marketing professionals and writers. Registering for a basic Eng-Clicks membership is free, easy and open to everyone. "Our team is so heartened to be seeing such an enthusiastic response from the global Engineering community," says Vratonjic. "We could not be more excited about the future of Eng-Clicks."

For more information, please visit the Eng-Clicks' portal to create your profile.

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