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April 26, 2011 07:00 ET

Welker Engineered Products Increases Sales With PARTsolutions 3D Website

3D CAD Digital Catalog Increases Leads While Decreasing Design Time

MILFORD, OH--(Marketwire - Apr 26, 2011) - PARTsolutions, LLC, a global provider of 3D parts catalogs for manufacturers and enterprises, today introduces its PARTcatalog™ website solution at Welker Engineered Products, a leader and innovator in automation components. In addition to web-enabling its entire product line in 3D native CAD using PARTcatalog, PARTsolutions completely overhauled Welker Engineered Products' website by adding a product configurator and e-commerce solution. As a result, Welker has increased lead generation, resulting in a 10 percent increase in sales in just 4 months. Click here to see the website in action.

The availability of high quality product data in 3D native CAD online empowers Welker's customers -- including automotive and transportation, industrial, agricultural, oil & gas, marine and special machine companies -- to search, access, download, configure and purchase 25,557,811 orderable products anytime. All of these products are available in more than 85 native and neutral CAD and graphics formats, resulting in millions of different files being available, on time and in the right format at the time of online ordering. Digital product orders have grown dramatically since implementing the new fully integrated PARTsolutions 3D configurator website, increasing 1,410% on average in Q1 2011 versus Q1 2010.

"At Welker, we pride ourselves on the ability to assess the application needs of our customers and provide innovative solutions," said Jo Ann Terri, Operations Manager, Welker Engineered Products. "Partnering with PARTsolutions to enhance our website has enabled our customers to be almost completely self-sufficient, while greatly increasing our sales. It was an investment in our customers and our future, which has already paid off tremendously."

The new Welker site uses PARTsolutions' rules-based logic to quickly configure and download high-quality product data in native CAD, simplifying the previous time-consuming and complex manual process of configuring automation components for locating, clamping, sliding, lifting, ejecting, transporting, stopping and rotating applications. Previously, customers had to go online to see a one-dimensional rendering of a product. They would then call or email Welker's engineering team, who would have to mail each customer a flash drive with more detail and data. Welker's new website provides a customer experience superior in every way to "copy/paste" websites provided by template-based website solutions.

"During the economic downturn, Welker had the foresight to create a remarkable competitive differentiator," said Rob Zesch, president, PARTsolutions. "In teaming with PARTsolutions on its website and digital product catalog, the company can more easily and effectively deliver stellar customer service and increase sales, all while saving the valuable time and resources of its engineering and procurement teams."

In addition to increasing Welker's lead generation and sales, the new site has dramatically shortened design time and improved the customer experience, while enabling customers to more easily "Design In" Welker products directly into their proposals. In addition, the process has freed tremendous internal resources, allowing the Welker engineers to focus on their core competencies. An overview video of the Welker Engineered Products catalog can be viewed at:

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About PARTsolutions LLC
PARTsolutions® LLC is a leading provider of PLM solutions for next generation 3D part catalog management and hosting, delivering solutions since 1992. For large manufacturers, the PARTsolutions product suite provides centralized 3D standard part catalogs making it easy for global design teams to find, reuse, and control standard and proprietary 3D parts. Click here to download the 3D Part Catalog Management white paper from CIMdata, titled "A PLM Strategy to Reduce Direct Material Costs." For component manufacturers, the PARTsolutions product suite provides web hosting of 3D part catalogs to increase lead generation, and to ensure that components get "designed in" to OEM products. The PARTsolutions CAD-Native advantage provides support of over 85 native and neutral CAD and graphics formats to meet the needs of the multi-CAD supply chain. The PARTsolutions product suite maximizes support of reuse and standardization initiatives to deliver measurable business growth through maximizing standard part reuse to get products to market faster with reduced cost.

About Welker Engineered Products
For more than 80 years, Welker Engineered Products has helped manufacturers achieve their objectives of performance and reliability. Serving the automotive and transportation, industrial, agricultural, oil & gas, marine and special machine industries among others, Welker prides itself in its ability to assess the application needs of its customers and provide innovative solutions. Long recognized for expertise in self-lubricating plane bearing technologies, over the last 20 years Welker has developed many "Best-in-Class" automation components. These products compliment Welker's plane bearing technologies by providing maintenance free solutions for today's flexible manufacturing environment.

Welker produces standard components for locating, clamping, sliding, lifting, ejecting, transporting, stopping and rotating applications. Welker has recently introduced their new compact components as well as its "Flex-E-Fector" and "Rota-Flex" units. The modular nature of Welker products enables the adaptation of Welker components to a wide range of applications. Contact Welker for assistance from their attentive and knowledgeable staff.

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