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March 14, 2012 06:00 ET

Wellness Drink Alleviates Allergies and Targets Sinus Molds

DURANGO, CO--(Marketwire - Mar 14, 2012) - Mineral Methods announces the following: People have been struggling with allergies for centuries.

Medical research indicates sinus mold infestation causes allergies, depression, skin afflictions, asthma and chronic sinus infections (source: Mayo Clinic). Commonly, people seek medical remedies (decongestants, allergy shots, antibiotics) to manage the uncomfortable maladies related to sinus inflammation.

Why not get to the source of the problem and eradicate such symptoms? That is exactly what Sinus Wellness will do. Consuming Sinus Wellness enhances the body's resistance to sinus molds and consequently minimizes the negative effects mold infestation has on the human body.

Finally, there's a new solution for those in the general public struggling with how to get rid of allergies. Sinus Wellness is a safe and effective option for targeting sinus inflammation and allergies without the use of medicines. It is not a drug or supplement, but a meticulously balanced food that supports the immune system function and strengthens sinus health.

Sinus Wellness (FDA approved and Certified USDA Organic) manages sinus molds and allergies that lead to many ailments associated with internal fungal growth, while alleviating sinus inflammation. Sinus Wellness, a natural organic product available at, is safe for everyone including children, elderly and pets.

"Having over 40 years as a food scientist and being Federally HAACP certified, I have seen the effects of sinus molds. Millions of people per year suffer from allergies. It can be controlled altogether, particularly for those who manage symptoms," said Glenn Hieronymus, developer of Sinus Wellness.

Sinus molds thrive in people who live in moldy conditions. Even moisture trapped under sinks and toilets greatly exacerbate indoor conditions. Attention to household mold care is essential, too.

About Sinus Wellness
FDA approved and Certified USDA Organic, Sinus Wellness is an effective allergen combatant. Fight sinus mold, inflammation, allergies and associated problems. Alleviates daily outbreaks and manages the nasal track. To prepare, grind whole bag (store in glass jar). Use one heaping TBL of the Sinus Wellness herbs to 4 cups of water. Sinus Wellness is available through:

Editor's Note: Sinus Wellness samples are available to the news media for product reviews upon request.

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