December 17, 2014 12:41 ET

WeMail Survey Reveals When Email Is Naughty and Nice

Majority of Consumers Say Email Enhances Their Personal and Business Relationships

MERCER ISLAND, WA--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2014) - WeMail, the contact-based email app designed for how people communicate on mobile devices, today released results from its consumer email use survey. The survey reveals that 63% of consumers say email enhances their relationships while 30% say sometimes it helps but it can also damage them.

"The primary goal at WeMail is to provide the best mobile email experience and make consumers' lives just a little bit easier," said Phil Yuen, Co-founder and CEO of WeMail. "Our market research survey indicates that people are still completely dependent on email in all aspects, but they are eager for email apps on their smartphones to catch up with other mobile technology. We aren't surprised by these results since emailing on mobile devices has traditionally been a frustrating experience, until now."

Mobile is First

85% of consumers check their email on their smartphone, with the laptop computer then the desktop computer being the next most used devices. Of smartphone email users, 83% said they check it on their phone most often because it's always with them. However, that doesn't mean they prefer email on mobile. 70% of consumers hold emails to respond to later on once they get to a computer because their mobile screen is too small and emails are often too detailed to respond to on a phone. Tablets were the least popular device when it came to emailing.

Relationships and Email

The WeMail survey results showed that despite consumers' preference for email and text, verbal contact is still key in sensitive situations. When delivering bad news, 74% of people prefer to present it in person. When delivering good news it was the same response with 70% of people preferring to present it in person.

When asked what else should not be done over email, consumers said (in order): break up with someone, fire someone, share passwords, send sensitive financial information and send intimate photos. The majority (58%) of respondents said they had never participated in any of the above.

Email Woes and Wishes

Gmail came in as the most popular email platform with Yahoo! Mail coming in second. What bugs consumers most about these email clients are the long threads, privacy concerns and the automatic email filters. 45% of consumers said they would check email on their smartphone more often if it was easier to search through and organize your emails with another 36% saying maybe. If email users could change one thing about email on their smartphone they said they would make it easier to find attachments with 52% saying they've given up on searching for an email, document, photo, etc. because it was taking too long to find it.

Email is First at Work; Second at Home

Results also found that in business, email is by far the preferred method of communication with 53% preferring email over other methods such as in person communication, phone calls and texting. However when it comes to communicating in private lives, consumers preferred texting (31%) over email (26%) and in person (22%). To further support the notion that consumers are addicted to their smartphones and technology, 70% of consumers reported they check their email every few minutes to every couple of hours.

Lastly, when asked if they had any plans to give up on email, 92% of consumers responded NO WAY!

The WeMail market research survey was conducted through Survey Sampling International in November 2014. The report surveyed U.S. consumers ages 18-65, equal distribution Male and Female.

About WeMail
WeMail, Inc. was founded in 2013 by Philip and Gerald Yuen, both Y Combinator Founder Alumnus. WeMail is the first email app that provides IM-like voice capability. WeMail instantly transforms your existing email into conversations organized by sender, similar to messaging and chat. This 'people first' approach makes WeMail the first mobile email app designed from the ground up for the way you naturally communicate on mobile. Organizing by sender means you can find any email, self-note or attachment within seconds. And grouping emails by contacts automatically compresses your inbox by more than half. Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, the founders of Twitch, Tikhon Bernstam, the founder of Scribd and Parse, Sean Byrnes, the founder of Flurry, and Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit and Hipmunk, have invested over $1 million in WeMail. Get WeMail for your Android device today from the Google Play

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