November 28, 2012 09:00 ET

Wendy's Wins in Buzz, Sonic Most Loved: NetBase Measures Consumers' Cravings for Burgers Online

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 28, 2012) - NetBase, the Enterprise Social Intelligence (ESI) Platform company, today announced the latest Brand Passion Index, an analysis of consumer conversations online about seven burger brands. The Index is powered by the Insight Composer, which measured the behaviors, emotions and opinions about these burgers: Big Mac (McDonald's), Whopper (Burger King), Sonic, In-N-Out, White Castle, Wendy's, and Five Guys.

While online consumers chatted most about Wendy's old-fashioned options, they expressed the most love for Sonic's burgers. Wendy's accounted for 36 percent of the overall buzz generated among the seven brands, but received a median Passion Intensity score of 40 and the second lowest Net Sentiment of 55. Conversations about the brand showed that consumers take to social media to discuss their love of Wendy's bacon burgers, but complain about the greasiness of the food as well.

Sonic generated a Net Sentiment of 66 and a Passion Intensity score of 50, edging out Five Guys for the most loved burger brand. Online consumers raved most about Sonic's consistently delicious burgers. Despite generating only 10 percent of the overall burger conversations, Five Guys competed closely with Sonic, with a higher Net Sentiment of 69, but a lower Passion Intensity score of 44. Consumer buzz revealed that Five Guys is growing quickly as a new fan favorite with its plentiful topping choices, as it expands its locations nationwide.

Read what consumers are saying about Wendy's burgers:

Wendys baconator is the best burger handsdown. #fact

Then, all of a sudden, last week, I tried a BACONATOR at Wendy's. It was the best fast food burger I ever had.

Wendys bacon cheese burgers, are the best bacon cheese burgers.  

wendys burgers are so greasy.

Read what consumers are saying about Sonic burgers:

Sonic has the BEST burgers. 

I just had the best burger ever from Sonics. I almost died on that last bite.

the sonic burger is so good i can't even put it into words right now

Read what consumers are saying about Five Guys burgers:

Five Guys is popular because it's simple good food. The days of Wendys, McDonalds and Burger King hamburgers are over.  

Five Guys is an interesting concept, well executed

I like Five Guys because I can get cheese, mushrooms and jalapenos on them. They are a bit more in cost, but taste so much better and with the extra can't beat the taste!!!

But Five Guys also has free extra cheese and extra bacon.

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