October 10, 2017 07:00 ET

Wepow Launches Game Changing Talent Acquisition Solution

Wepow Planner Expedites and Automates the Previously Tedious Process of Scheduling Job Interviews

CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 10, 2017) -  Wepow, providing mobile and video interviewing solutions that improve hiring outcomes, today announced details of its newest product offering: Wepow Planner.

Scheduling job interviews is challenging for job candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. The level of coordination required can be frustrating, potentially resulting in lost opportunities when qualified job candidates cannot be brought in for interviews quickly enough. Candidates who are already employed face particular challenges, often needing to book interviews outside of business hours. Busy hiring managers have to balance interviewing against other responsibilities; yet, without the ability to advance desirable candidates in the hiring process, they risk those candidates going to the competition.

Wepow Planner expedites and automates the scheduling of live video, telephone and onsite job interviews by eliminating "phone tag." With Wepow Planner, companies can offer flexible blocks or fixed times to candidates, encouraging and allowing them to also select their primary and secondary preferred timeslots. Wepow Planner's robust capabilities include integration with popular calendars including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

"Candidates love the ability to self-schedule using Wepow Planner," said Wepow CEO Imo Udom. "It also enables recruiters and hiring managers to focus on recruiting instead of wasted cycles trying to coordinate calendars."

Wepow has a long history of developing products that help employers and their future employees connect. The company's video interviewing solutions improve the ability to identify top talent by giving candidates the chance to demonstrate their enthusiasm, passion and qualifications to employers early in the interviewing process.

Udom continued, "Whether in a high volume hiring scenario or interviewing for hard-to-fill roles, Wepow Planner enriches the candidate experience, which is an integral component to effective recruitment marketing."

Wepow Planner is currently in private beta, information regarding its public launch will be made available soon. Wepow will showcase its newest capabilities in Booth No. 2922 at the HR Technology Conference, which opens in Las Vegas today.

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