August 29, 2007 14:10 ET

We're Up! Praxis Opens Office in SecondLife

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 29, 2007) - ( It's a weird virtual world. Praxis LLP opened its first office in, the online virtual world. The virtual office will be shared with The Praxis Advisory Group, the strategic consulting firm owned by Praxis LLP partners.

Praxis has the first virtual office for a Southern California law firm specializing in intellectual property and corporate transactions and among the first law firms from anywhere now in SecondLife.

"SecondLife is a pretty zany and weird world. Imagine discussing serious issues with someone half space alien and half ballerina and you get the idea. For all the chaos, though, we are delighted to be among the first lawyers and strategists there," explained James C. Roberts III, Praxis LLP partner and consulting firm CEO. "The place is exploding so we'll be creating a lot of plans on the fly."

In an unusual strategy, Praxis will open additional virtual offices. "It doesn't make sense to be in one place. We'll locate in areas like biotechnology, digital technology and space commerce," explained Michael Leventhal, another Praxis partner and consulting firm President.

Praxis members will have first names related to law or strategy. Mr. Roberts uses "Blackstone Bracken," referring to William Blackstone, a 19th century legal commentator. Mr. Leventhal is "Marbury Bracken," referring to a Supreme Court case. No one has thought of a clever business-related name.

The Praxis office was designed by SecondLife residents Hraban Boucher and Adonai Catteneo, real life designers who look forward to quitting their day jobs. Depo Consulting manages the region (, "depo 6," a business park with none of the antics often associated with SecondLife.

The site can be reached in SecondLife by searching for Praxis or "Blackstone Bracken." Be careful: It's on a cliff over a virtual ocean. We're not sure about virtual drowning.

About Praxis. Praxis LLP ( and The Praxis Advisory Group ( advise clients ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to start-up firms on corporate transactions -- including licensing, strategic alliances, international expansion, Internet, digital content, biotech, nanotech, cleantech, space commerce and mergers & acquisitions. Clients include Fox Interactive Media, First American Corporation and Oakwood Corporate Housing. Praxis LLP has "real" offices in California and Colorado and The Praxis Advisory Group has "real" offices in California, Delaware, Utah and China.

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