September 14, 2007 06:39 ET

We're Up! The Praxis Colorado Office Opens in SecondLife

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - September 14, 2007) - ( Imagine a client that has wings. That's what Praxis LLP gets in its first virtual office in SecondLife.

"SecondLife is zany. Imagine meeting someone half space alien and half ballerina and you get the idea," explained James C. Roberts III, a Praxis LLP partner.

Praxis is the first transactional and intellectual property law firm with a Colorado office that now has a presence in SecondLife. "We are pretty certain we are the first Colorado firm there, but it's so chaotic that it's hard to tell," explained Richard Gee, a lawyer in the Boulder office (a real place). "We know we are among a handful of law firms there from anywhere in the real world."

To get there, search (in SecondLife) for Praxis or "Blackstone Bracken." Be careful: It's on a cliff. Praxis is not sure about virtual drowning.

In an unusual strategy, Praxis will open additional "in-world" offices. Each location will be a venue for virtual roundtables and a source of information on the real life capabilities of the law firm and its affiliated strategic consulting firm, The Praxis Advisory Group.

"Clients asked us when, not if, we would enter SecondLife," said Mr. Roberts. "So we did."

While in SecondLife, Praxis members have first names related to law or strategy. Mr. Roberts uses "Blackstone Bracken," referring to William Blackstone, a 19th century jurist. Mr. Gee uses "Cardozo Bracken," referring to a noted Supreme Court justice, Benjamin Cardozo. No one has thought of a clever name for consulting.

SecondLife residents Hraban Boucher and Adonai Catteneo -- real life designers who plan to quit their real jobs -- designed the Praxis office. Depo Consulting manages the region housing the Praxis presence, an unusual refuge with none of the antics often associated with SecondLife.

About Praxis. Praxis LLP ( and The Praxis Advisory Group ( advise clients ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to start-ups on corporate transactions -- licensing, strategic alliances, international expansion, Internet, digital content, biotech, nanotech, cleantech, space commerce and mergers & acquisitions. Praxis LLP has "real" offices in California and Colorado and The Praxis Advisory Group has "real" offices in California, Delaware, Utah and China.

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