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November 11, 2010 02:12 ET

Wereldhave NV Announces 3rd Quarter Results

THE HAGUE--(Marketwire - November 11, 2010) -

Results 3rd quarter 2010

Key items

- Profit EUR 78.6 mln (until Q3 2009: EUR -106.5 mln)
- Direct result EUR 87.6 mln (+2%)
- Direct result per share EUR 3.85 (+1%)
- Property valuations stable
- Succesful issue of a EUR 230 mln convertible bond
- Outlook 2010: increase in direct result per share

Hans Pars, CEO of Wereldhave N.V., comments:
"The cautious optimisme in Europe and the United States that gained
strength during the year can also be noticed in the markets where
Wereldhave is active. In most office markets leasing activity has
increased, although the pace of decision taking is still rather slow.
For Wereldhave's shopping centres, especially in the Netherlands,
Belgium and Finland, there is still a lot of interest from retailers
that do not yet have a shop in these centres. This all has caused a
slight increase in the direct result for the first nine months,
compared to previous year.

Overall, the valuation of the portfolio remained stable this year
compared to year-end 2009, in spite of a write-off of the acquisition
costs for the five new shopping centres we purchased in the
Netherlands. In accordance with our strategy to divest smaller and
non-retail assets in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, during the
third quarter two smaller properties were sold in the United Kingdom
for EUR 12 mln, bringing the total sales for 2010 to EUR 24 mln.

For the full year 2010 we forecast a direct result per share which is
higher than previous year."


The result for the first nine months of 2010 amounts to EUR 78.6 mln or
EUR 3.45 per share (until Q3 2009: EUR -106.5 mln or EUR -5.20 per
share). The increase in result is caused by acquisitions and improved
property valuation results. The total revaluation for the first three
quarters of 2010 (including a positive revaluation of financial
instruments) amounted to EUR 2.6 mln (until Q3 2009: EUR -222.4 mln).

Direct result

The direct result for the first nine months of 2010 amounts to EUR 87.6
mln, which represents a EUR 1.8 mln increase compared to 2009. The
occupany rate of the portfolio rose to 91.5% during the third quarter.
Primarily due to the acquisition of five shopping centres in the
Netherlands, gross rental income rose by EUR 12.2 mln. The additional
rental income from lettings in Paris and Washington DC was to a large
extent absorbed by increased vacancy in the offices portfolios in
Belgium and the United States. The operating costs showed a limited
increase of EUR 0.6 mln, mainly due to the increase in the number of
shopping centres. Higher additions to the provision for doubtful debts
were compensated by an incidental gain in the service costs. In balance
net rental income rose by EUR 11.6 mln.

The interest charges rose by EUR 6.3 mln, mainly caused by the debt
funded acquisitions in 2010. The general costs increased by EUR 2.2 mln,
partially due to a strengthening of the organisation, also in
connection with the acquisitions in the Netherlands. Changes to the
organisations in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands caused
incidental charges of EUR 0.8 mln. The profit before tax rose by EUR 3.2
mln. Due to tax savings in 2010 and one-off tax benefits in 2009 that
were not repeated in 2010 the result after tax rose by EUR 1.8 mln.

The direct result per share for the first nine months of 2010 amounts
to EUR 3.85. Because of the improvement of the underlying result, the
direct result per share increased by EUR 0.03 per share, in spite of the
increase in the number of shares in connection with the optional
dividend (dilution EUR -0.06 per share).

Indirect result

The indirect result for the first three quarters of 2010 amounts to EUR
-9.0 mln (2009: EUR -192.3 mln). The increase in the indirect result can
mainly be attributed to improved valuation results (until Q3 2010: EUR
2.6 mln; until Q3 2009: EUR -222.4 mln). In balance, the valuation of
the portfolio remained stable during the year. The average cap rate for
the valuation of the portfolio remained unchanged during the third
quarter of 2010 at approx. 6.5%. A surplus on disposals of EUR 2.3 mln
was made with sales for a total consideration of EUR 24.0 mln.

Shareholders' equity/Debt

At September 30, 2010 shareholders' equity stood at EUR 1,692.9 mln. The
solvency (equity/equity + interest bearing debt) amounts to 61%. In
spite of purchases during the first half of 2010 totaling EUR 265 mln
which were financed by debt, Wereldhave still ranks amongst the best
capitalised European property companies. The net asset value per share
including current earnings amounts to EUR 73.56 as at September 30, 2010
(December 31, 2009: EUR 73.77).

The second listing at Euronext Paris was terminated at September 3,
2010. On October 13, Wereldhave succesfully placed a EUR 230 mln
convertible bond. The net proceeds will be used by Wereldhave for
refinancing of the EUR 200 mln convertible bond due March 2011 and for
general corporate purposes. The maturity of the Bonds is 5 years with a
coupon of 2.875 per cent. The conversion price is EUR 81.10, well above
the net asset value. The conversion price will not be adjusted for
dividends, unless and to the extent that the annual dividend payment
exceeds EUR 4.75 per share (as from 2011 raised by EUR 0.05 per annum).

Property portfolio

During the first nine months of 2010 Wereldhave expanded the shopping
centre portfolio in the Netherlands with the purchase of five mid-sized
shopping centres from Unibail-Rodamco for EUR 260 mln, of which shopping
centre Koningshoek in Maassluis was acquired during the third quarter
(per July 1). Also during the third quarter Wereldhave purchased a
shop, rented to C&A, in the Eggert shopping centre in Purmerend for
EUR 5.0 mln, making Wereldhave the single owner of the centre. The total
value of the shopping centre portfolio in the Netherlands now amounts
to approx. EUR 475 mln.

In the Netherlands, Wereldhave sold an office building in Wageningen
and in the United Kingdom six smaller properties and a plot of land
were sold. In total, properties were sold to the amount of EUR 24.0 mln,
generating a surplus on disposals of EUR 2.3 mln.

Particularly due to the full letting of the Carre Vert office building
in Paris and the high occupancy rate of the shopping centres that were
acquired in the Netherlands, the occupancy rate of the portfolio rose
to 91.5% during the third quarter (Q2 2010 90.8%). As at 30 September
2010, the value of the investment portfolio amounts to EUR 2,739.2 mln;
the value of the development portfolio amounts to EUR 94.7 mln.

Development portfolio

During the first nine months of 2010, Wereldhave invested a total of
EUR 37.0 mln in development projects. In Belgium, in June 2010
Wereldhave started the construction of the expansion of the Nivelles
shopping centre with 12,000 m2 shops with covered parking facilities.
Completion is scheduled for 2012.

The two offices of the Eilan development project in San Antonio in the
United States were completed during the third quarter and have been
transferred to the investment portfolio. In spite of interest from
several prospective tenants, no lettings can yet be reported. The
construction of the remainder of the first phase, approx. 500
apartments, a hotel and several commercial facilities, is proceeding
according to schedule. Completion is due as from the last quarter of

The planning phase for the revitalisation and expansion of the
Itakeskus shopping centre in Finland has been completed. To consolidate
and strengthen the centre's position in the market, Itakeskus will be
modernised and retail floor space will be expanded internally. The
plans will be executed during the period 2011-2013.

In Spain, plans are made for the revitalisation of the Planetocio
shopping centre. After the closure of the former ice rink, the focus of
the centre will be on leisure and sports. The plans will be finalised
during the fourth quarter and works will commence in 2011.

Finally, in Richmond upon Thames, United Kingdom, a long term lease has
been agreed with the Whole Foods retail chain from the United states
for the entire shopping space of a redevelopment of an existing
investment property, currently in preparation. Demolition and
construction works will start in 2011.


Assuming stable interest levels and exchange rates and taking higher
vacancy in Belgium and the United States into account, Wereldhave
forecasts a direct result per share for the year 2010 of between
EUR 5.07 and EUR 5.12.

The results will be explained during a conference call, to be held
today at 14.00 h CET. The conference call can be followed by audiocast
on Questions can be put by e-mail via this webcast.

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The Hague, November 11, 2010

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Wereldhave, established in 1930, is a property investment company with
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regions in the United States. It creates value by actively managing
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offices and residential property, and by developing its own property at

Real estate is a local business. Local expertise is decisive for the
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Wereldhave maintains direct contact with its tenants. This enables
Wereldhave to stay on top of the issues concerning its tenants and
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