Wescorp Energy Inc.

Wescorp Energy Inc.

March 03, 2005 09:35 ET

Wescorp Energy Inc. Provides Corporate Update



OTC Bulletin Board SYMBOL: WSCE

MARCH 3, 2005 - 09:35 ET

Wescorp Energy Inc. Provides Corporate Update

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - March 3, 2005) - Wescorp Energy Inc.
(OTCBB:WSCE) ("Wescorp" or the "Company") is pleased to provide the
following corporate update.

"Over the past 14 months Wescorp has completed a number of initiatives
in the reorganization of the company that have positioned them to become
a dominant participant in the Oil and Gas services sector. The last year
has seen Wescorp make the transition from a product development company
to a manufacturing and marketing company - generating revenue," comments
President and Chief Executive Officer Doug Biles.

Upon the closing of the current financing Wescorp will be fully funded
to carry out their current business plan for 2005.

Wescorp is continuously exploring new opportunities and acquisitions.
The company's business model will continuously be brought to bear on
emerging technologies that represent significant opportunity for Wescorp
to enhance shareholder value, which is the primary motivation for
management in assessing these situations.

Wescorp has started the process to move to a Senior exchange and
anticipates this happening in 2005.

Wescorp is situated in the Calgary - Edmonton corridor near the
geographic centre of North America's oil and gas reserves, sharing the
same language and work ethic as the continent's other dominant energy
capitals - Houston, Dallas and Denver. Strongly networked within this
culture and a major shareholder of energy holdings itself, Wescorp has
the long-established relationships and financial resources necessary to
bring new energy solutions to market. Wescorp initiates testing and
development with major energy players to establish industry acceptance,
and then provides the sales, service and distribution infrastructure
necessary to market these innovations globally and profitably.


Wescorp 100% owned subsidiary.

FlowStar is now in the process of expanding its operations to meet the
growing demand for their DCR Series of Electronic Flow Measurement
Solutions. FlowStar is increasing inventory and hiring additional sales
staff to meet this demand. FlowStar has opened an office in Calgary
allowing the company to effectively deal with the corporate head offices
of their major clients.

To remain a leader in the industry of gas flow measurement, FlowStar is
developing a number of new Flow Measurement Solutions, the first of
which will be launched early in Q2, 2005.

FlowStar's DCR 900, which was developed in late 2001, represents cutting
edge technology with significant competitive advantages. The product's
compact technology will replace a number of existing measurement devices
and encompasses data capture and wireless transmission capabilities. The
DCR 900 offers enhanced measurement accuracy over existing devices while
being less expensive to buy, install and maintain. The company received
CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approval in March 2003 on the DCR
900 and successfully field-tested it throughout the summer of 2003. The
DCR 900 has been commercialized since then with units sold and installed
in various customer applications. FlowStar continues to develop and
improve the DCR product, including PDA/telephone software and a
satellite communication system.

FlowStar's DCR 900 provides a superior competitive advantage in many
areas within the gas measurement industry. FlowStar has focused on four
areas: Wet Gas, Test Separators, Plunger Lift, and Coal Bed Methane
(CBM) with outstanding results. FlowStar expects to see significantly
increased growth in these areas while increasing sales in other areas of
the gas industry such as C02 gas storage, casing gas and fuel gas
measurement. FlowStar's intrinsically safe, internally powered units set
FlowStar apart from all other gas flow measurement solutions.

On a well installation, the DCR 900 can be installed outside, doing away
with the requirement for a heated building where traditional EFM
solutions are housed. Eliminating the requirement for the building,
meter run, alcohol injection pump and metering skid would result in a
savings of more than $50,000 in initial costs. It also uses a smaller
amount of land reducing the footprint of the oil and gas company.

FlowStar has positioned itself to be a major participant in the CBM
marketplace. The DCR 900 delivers the only solution to accurately
measure these low pressure, low volume wells without significantly
reducing the production.


Wescorp 50/50 Joint Venture Partner.

"Wescorp is extremely encouraged by the test results to date on
Ellycracks Viscositor technology" comments President and Chief Executive
Officer Doug Biles.

Wescorp/Ellycrack are completing the final engineered drawings that will
enable them to start the process of building a test pilot project in
Canada. Wescorp is currently assembling a team to construct and test the
new pilot plant. Wescorp is scheduled to begin assembly in Q2, 2005 and
commence testing in Q3, 2005. Wescorp has received significant interest
in the Ellycrack process and is currently accessing a number of
proposals put forth to test the pilot plant in North America and

EllyCrack is a Norwegian based private company which was incorporated in
2001. Inventor Olav Ellingsen developed the principle of Ellycrack's
high intensive catalytic crack technology for heavy oil between 1995 -
1997. After the invention, intensive feasibility studies were performed
with positive conclusions. Based upon these conclusions, a test plant
called the VISCOSITOR was built and installed at SINTEF ENERGY RESEARCH
in Trondheim, Norway.

Ellycrack's cost-effective technology, which can upgrade heavy oil to
pipeline specifications on location, becomes even more important in
these times of decreasing worldwide conventional oil reserves. There are
vast areas of heavy oil around the world. In Alberta alone its three oil
sand deposits - Athabasca, Cold Lake, and Peace River - contain
resources that could supply Canada's energy needs for more than 475
years, or total world needs for up to 15 years. The production potential
of all these oil sand deposits could be as high as 2.5 trillion barrels
of bitumen (five times more than the conventional oil reserves in Saudi
Arabia). Upgrading the oil in the field will allow oil companies to
eliminate on-site storage tanks as well as the costly process of
trucking the oil great distances to an upgrader. The oil can be
transported by pipeline directly to a refinery for refining into
ordinary petroleum products.

Ellycrack's technology is particularly environmentally-friendly in that
not only does it operate at much lower temperatures and pressures, which
means less energy consumption, than current processes; it also does away
with the extensive water pollution which is a by-product of current
processes. Usually an environmentally friendly process means a more
expensive process, however Wescorp's philosophy has always been to
supply leading edge technology to the energy sector on an
environmental-friendly basis while ensuring that the end user gains a
significant economic advantage. Wescorp believes that the Ellycrack
technology will attain this objective."

Any statements contained herein that are not historical facts are
forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities
Litigation Reform Act of 1995, and involve risks and uncertainties.
Potential factors could cause actual results to differ materially from
those expressed or implied by such statements. Information on the
potential factors that could affect the Company's actual results of
operations are included in its filings with the Securities and Exchange
Commission. These risks may be further discussed in periodic reports and
registration statements to be filed by the Company from time to time
with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the future.

The Company's shares trade on the OTCBB under the symbol "WSCE".


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