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West Coast Holistics, Inc.

June 22, 2009 11:00 ET

West Coast Holistics Launches the Industry's Most Comprehensive Homeopathic Remedy Website

Company Started as Result of a Mother's Nearly Tragic Incident With Traditional Health Care

THOUSAND OAKS, CA--(Marketwire - June 22, 2009) - West Coast Holistics, Inc. today announced the launch of the health industry's most extensive on-line homeopathic remedy and information website. The website integrates a comprehensive health reference library with a personalized remedy finder and the industry's largest selection of homeopathic remedies, herbal supplements, vitamins, sports nutrition and natural body care products. The company is dedicated to helping clients feel better, get healthy, and, if possible, break the reliance on over used antibiotics and other potentially harmful medicines that may have adverse side effects, actually weaken the immune system, and leave the body full of toxins.

"I have personally seen the difference a homeopathic approach can make in my family's wellbeing," said Eileen Conoscenti, founder of West Coast Holistics. "My battle with traditional medicine nearly cost my daughter's life."

At an early age Eileen's daughter was diagnosed with kidney reflux and prescribed daily antibiotics to avoid infections and long term kidney damage. Soon after treatment started she began vomiting and had trouble breathing. Eileen rushed her to a hospital and suggested that her daughter was having a severe reaction to penicillin. The doctors ignored her insight and instead started aggressive treatment for meningitis, including additional doses of penicillin and a battery of tests including a spinal tap. Under their care her daughter's heartbeat raced to nearly 200 and she needed help just to breathe. After nearly a week of consultations with various doctors including an infectious disease expert, the hospital staff finally relented and concluded that she indeed had an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin.

After this troublesome experience, Eileen lost some faith in traditional medicine, but knew she had to continue to treat her daughter's condition. She found herself at the office of a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine who assured her that there were specific homeopathic remedies that could effectively treat her daughter by strengthening the kidneys and immune system. To this date, nearly four years later, the treatment has proven effective. Her daughter has not had a single urinary tract infection and is completely healthy.

Eileen learned the hard way that it is important to take control of your health and not blindly trust others. Since then she has dedicated herself to the study and practice of homeopathy and educating others about this alternative approach to over-engineered medicines. Her quest eventually led to the forming of West Coast Holistics.

The company's website,, includes an extensive health reference library which features:

--  Comparison of homeopathic versus traditional treatments
--  Personalized homeopathic remedy finder
--  Detailed supplement information
--  Educational YouTube videos
--  Online health assessment calculators
--  Drug interaction table
--  Healthy recipes and ingredient glossary

In addition, the on-line product store features over 10,000 homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional supplements for sale from over 700 leading manufacturers. No other website offers the depth of information or breadth of in stock products.

About West Coast Holistics

West Coast Holistics, Inc. is an online holistic health store offering high quality homeopathic remedies, herbs, nutritional supplements and a detailed health reference library. We specialize in supplying products and information that support a commitment of a natural, holistic approach to a sound mind and body. West Coast Holistics is your one stop shopping place for whole body health.

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