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February 07, 2012 10:30 ET

West Greenwich Veterinarian Unleashes New Animal Hospital Website

WEST GREENWICH, RI--(Marketwire - Feb 7, 2012) - West Greenwich Animal Hospital, which also serves pets from Coventry, Scituate, Foster, Richmond, East Greenwich and other neighboring areas, has released a new website providing local pet owners with a way to access information about animal health issues. West Greenwich veterinarian Dr. Ralph Pratt and his wife, Dr. Amy Pratt, who own and operate the animal hospital, say that the new site has an extensive library of articles which discuss pet dentistry, vaccinations, obesity, cancer and contains other useful information. There is also a video library that covers a wide range of topics.

Dr. Ralph Pratt says he is excited for families with pets to visit their new website for several reasons. "We feel that if owners are better educated, their pets will live healthier, happier lives. A lot of pet health problems can be avoided if pet owners spend time learning about issues relating to their pets' health. Owners also can also learn about our veterinary services, such as pet spay and neuter, pet vaccinations, general pet medicine as well as our surgical dentistry services. We've posted a lot of information to help families make healthy decisions for their pets, and we plan to include more as time goes on."

The West Greenwich veterinarian also describes a section of the Veterinary Topics menu, accessible from the left panel of any page on the site, called the "Video Newsroom." This section includes a large library of short video news clips discussing everything from pet cloning and viruses to removing ticks and microchipping. According to Dr. Pratt, information is often easier to retain if people both see and hear it, so he hopes this will help pet owners remember the things they learn about pet care.

The Veterinary Topics menu also includes a "Vetopedia" area where pet owners can brush up on veterinary terms they might hear during an appointment or after a surgical procedure; as well as several sections helping people make educated choices about choosing the right pets for their families.

Dr. Amy Pratt explains that there is also a new members-only section of the website that their patients' families can use. It is free to sign up, and it gives families access to the hospital's newsletter and wellness program. The Member Topics area is located on the left panel directly underneath the Veterinary Topics menu, which includes the new library.

According to Dr. Amy, all of the new website features were designed to help the veterinary hospital doctors and their patients' families stay connected to each other in the interest of pet health. "We are also starting a new blog where family members can post questions and respond to our posts, which we will get people really talking about things we can all do to help pets stay healthy."

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