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November 12, 2008 13:51 ET

West High Yield Releases Analysis of Latest 2008 Drill Results and Provides Extraction Report on Magnesium

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West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd. ("West High Yield" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:WHY) is pleased to provide a progress report on exploration activities on its mineral properties located in Rossland, British Columbia and the release of two reports on the Company's metallurgical test program for magnesium recovery. Since its last report which was issued on September 18, 2008, the Company has undertaken the following activities.

Completion of 2008 Drill Program

The Company has completed its 2008 definition diamond drill program for preparation of a NI 43-101 mineral resource estimation of the magnesium deposit on its Record Ridge South property. In addition to the six vertical NQ diamond holes drilled in 2007 totalling 1,131 metres (3,711 feet) on this property, the Company drilled 45 vertical NQ diamond holes totalling 5,278.5 metres (17,318 feet) in 2008. The 51 drill holes completed on the Record Ridge South property in 2007 and 2008 aggregated 6,409.5 metres (21,028 feet) and were drilled on a 50-meter square grid pattern within an approximate 200 metres by 500 metres section, in order to qualify for the necessary grid for a NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate in the central portion of the Record Ridge South ultramafic body. The maps provided below outline the locations of the 51 drill holes and the resource estimation is divided into two sectors (northern and southern) by an east-west trending fault on line 350S, which is substantiated by hole RRS08-22.

Intersection of Magnesium Bearing Ultramafic Rock

As previously reported, the completed 2008 definition drill program conclusively intersected broad zones of magnesium bearing ultramafic rock (serpentinized dunite, wehrlite and lehzolite). The southern sector of the resource definition drilling tested by 28 holes with analytical data for 20 holes gave values averaging over 24% Magnesium and 0.2% Nickel from surface to an average of 75 metres except at, or near, the contact with the volcanics and intrusives to the southwest. The northern sector, tested by 21 holes with analytical data for 9 holes, gave values averaging over 24% Magnesium and 0.2% Nickel from surface to an average of 105 metres. This zone is open to the west.

Drilling Results

A total of 3,301 core samples (1.5 metres sample length) were split and sent to Assayer Canada of Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company has now received analysis for 23 out of the 45 holes drilled in the 2008 program on the Record Ridge South property. The Company previously announced the results of eight holes (RRS08-3 through RRS08-10) and the newly received analytical results for the 15 new holes are summarized in the chart below (averaging 23.35% Magnesium and 0.21% Nickel). The Company anticipates receiving the results of the remaining 22 drill holes within the next few weeks and plans to retain an independent engineering firm to undertake a NI 43-101 measured mineral resource estimation. The chart below summarizes the results for the 15 holes on the Record Ridge South property recently received.

Record Ridge South

DDH ---------------- Length Magnesium Nickel
RRS08 From To metres % %
0.0 19.6 i 19.6 21.9 0.22
1 25.9 68.9 43.0 22.9 0.20
89.1 122.8 33.7 24.5 0.21
2 0.0 44.0 i 44.0 24.0 0.22
50.3 123.4 73.1 23.9 0.21
11 1.2 25.4 i 24.2 23.5 0.20
29.7 123.8 94.1 25.2 0.21
19 0.0 60.8 i 60.8 22.5 0.20
20 0.0 27.5 i 27.5 19.0 0.17
21 0.0 58.9 i 58.9 22.5 0.20
23 28.6 152.4 123.8 23.7 0.21
24 2.7 135.3 i 132.6 24.3 0.24
0.6 11.6 i 11.0 22.4 0.20
25 27.7 88.4 60.7 24.0 0.22
104.5 123.8 19.3 25.4 0.23
26 1.2 123.8 i 122.6 22.7 0.20
27 1.0 123.8 i 122.8 24.1 0.21
29 0.0 117.9 i 117.9 21.7 0.19
30 0.0 40.0 i 40.0 22.9 0.22
47.8 124.6 76.8 25.1 0.23
32 0.0 36.5 i 36.5 23.9 0.22
53.3 114.8 61.5 22.5 0.21
37 14.9 123.7 108.8 24.6 0.20


(1) The property includes areas of moderate sub-volcanic and intrusive
interruptions into the serpentinites. The assayed Magnesium and Nickel
values of the intervened sub-volcanic and intrusive dykes (ranging in
length from 0.4 metres to 3 metres averaging less than 2 metres) are
fully diluted with the serpentinite zones in the above chart.
(2) Length metres with the " i " symbol represents intersected
serpentinite zones from the surface to the top of the first
sub-volcanic or intrusive dykes.
(3) The Nickel values reported above include Nickel in both sulphide and
non-sulphide minerals as total Nickel.

Metallurgical Test Program Results

As previously reported, the Company retained Met-Solve Laboratories ("Met-Solve") of Burnaby, British Columbia to prepare a preliminary metallurgical test report to determine the extractability of Magnesium from the ultramafic rock. Met-Solve initially tested 12 kilograms of drill cores from drill hole RRS07 and reported the results to the Company in September, 2008. A series of tests, including gravity concentration, flotation separation, magnetic separation and acid leach tests were conducted by Met-Solve. The cores, which contained an average of 26% Magnesium and 0.23% Nickel, gave the best results with 84.5% extraction of the Magnesium into solution using direct sulphuric acid (H2SO4) leaching at 70 degreesC to produce magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) and 39.4% of the Magnesium by hydrochloric acid (HC1) leaching to produce magnesium chloride (MgCl2).

Encouraged by the results of Magnesium recovery from the initial testing, the Company shipped an additional 200 kilograms of drill cores for additional metallurgical testing to Met-Solve. This test work consisted primarily of hydrochloric acid (HCl) leaching at 70 degreesC. The drill cores for this metallurgical testing were selected from eight holes in the southern sector of the Record Ridge South property, which contained an average of greater than 25% Magnesium. Using the hydrochloric acid leaching method, Met-Solve was able to extract 78.6% of the Magnesium in the form of magnesium chloride (MgCl2) into solution. The Company has filed copies of the initial and subsequent Met-Solve reports for the metallurgical test program on its website.

Commencement of 2008 Gold Exploration Drilling Program

The Company recently commenced its 2008 gold exploration drilling program on its IXL and Golden Drip crown granted claims. In 2006, more than 12 angle and vertical holes were laid down in these claims for a target to increase the measured drill resources of high grade gold veins and mineralized structures. These minerals were encountered in 11 drill holes, including 40.9 g/t Au over 1.1 metres at hole SR06-11 in the Company's 2006 gold exploration drilling program. The Company previously announced the results of its 2006 gold exploration program in the Midnight, IXL and OK crown granted claims.

The maps provided below (Figure 2 - Line Grid & Drill Hole Plan) outline the completed 2008 resource definition drilling program with a 50 metre square grid pattern. The maps also show the general shape of the Magnesium bearing ultramafic body, a 7.5 square kilometre, rhombic shape which was adapted from Geological Survey Bulletin 108.

The maps can be viewed by clicking the link below:


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The Company's field activities are supervised and the technical data for this report was prepared by H. Kim, P.Geo/P.Eng (Practicing), the Company's on-site geologist.


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