SOURCE: West Corporation

December 17, 2008 09:00 ET

West Interactive Selects PerSay for Voice Biometrics

Company Adds Biometrics to Its Leading Speech Recognition Service

OMAHA, NE--(Marketwire - December 17, 2008) - West Interactive, a leading provider of outsourced communication solutions, announced today that it has selected PerSay as its technology partner for its hosted voice biometrics offering.

Biometric speaker verification technology uses the power of voice to provide the critical component in an effective multi-factor authentication solution. Like a fingerprint, each person can be identified by the distinct features of his or her vocal characteristics and speaking patterns. Voice verification is the process of comparing a voice sample with a stored, digital voice model, or voiceprint, for the purpose of verifying identity.

Totally language and accent independent, PerSay's flagship product, VocalPassword™, is standards-based and seamlessly integrates with existing VoiceXML platforms. By verifying a caller's identity in real-time, using a simple spoken passphrase, VocalPassword provides a convenient, secure method for enabling self-service transactions in the IVR or cost-effectively authenticating a caller to an enterprise's contact center. Designed exclusively to meet strict global security standards, PerSay's voice biometric tools are already servicing millions of customers around the globe.

"We are proud to be selected by West Interactive," said Ariel Freidenberg, executive vice president, global sales and business development at PerSay. "West is a major player in hosted communication services and, through this strategic partnership, can significantly extend the reach and application of voice biometric services."

"With the increasing risk of identity theft, our customers are looking for innovative ways to ensure security while not negatively impacting the caller's experience," said Pam Mortenson, president of West Interactive. "West is dedicated to offering services that help our customers simplify and accelerate the transactions of daily life. PerSay's technology will help us deliver on that promise."

Fueled by security concerns and the rising costs of identity verification, the biometrics market is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years.

About PerSay

PerSay Ltd. ( is a leading provider of advanced biometric speaker verification products. PerSay's technology relies on the biometric power of voice to verify a speaker's identity. PerSay's products have been deployed by leading financial services, telecom operators, healthcare providers, enterprises and law enforcement agencies worldwide. PerSay is a spin-off of Verint Systems Inc., with offices in Tel Aviv and New York, and a network of partners and system integrators worldwide.

About West Interactive

West Interactive is a world-class provider of automated customer contact solutions. We combine advanced touch-tone and speech recognition technologies, with a highly scalable standards-based infrastructure, to help companies more effectively conduct multi-media transactions. Our hosted and managed solutions are designed to help our clients connect with their customers, deliver superior service and maximize the value of every customer interaction. Services include custom speech applications, automated notifications, customer surveys, virtual call routing and Professional Services.

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