SOURCE: WestClinTech


April 21, 2009 12:55 ET

WestClinTech Announces First Software Product Line to Bring Excel Functions to SQL Server

The Company's XLeratorDB Products Offer Comprehensive Libraries of Financial, Math, Statistical and Engineering Functions for SQL Server, Saving Companies Time, Money and Resources

IRVINGTON, NY--(Marketwire - April 21, 2009) - WestClinTech today announced its XLeratorDB product line which is the first commercially available function library add-in for SQL Server. With XLeratorDB, Excel users no longer have to export data to Excel, connect Excel to SQL Server or use any additional abstraction layers to perform Excel calculations.

XLeratorDB allows users to use Excel-like functions on their data in SQL Server. It contains all the most widely used Excel functions including internal rate of return (IRR and XIRR), net present value (NPV) and cumulative principal paid (CUMPRINC) for SQL Server.

"With XLeratorDB, I'd estimate that we've saved as much as 20-30 percent of total development time," said Jason Daniels, chief operating officer at Verde International. "XLeratorDB is like having a team of developers creating and testing functionality that is directly translatable into features we can incorporate into our own products."

Five different XLeratorDB function packages, ranging from $99-499.99, are available at, including:

--  XLeratorDB/financial (Includes functions such as ACCRINT, PRICE, PV,
--  XLeratorDB/math (Includes functions such as PRODUCT, FACT, COMBIN,
--  XLeratorDB/convert (Convert Area, Length, Speed, Temperature, Volume,
    and Weight between different units)
--  XLeratorDB/statistics (Includes functions such as BETA, GAMMA,
--  XLeratorDB/engineering (Includes functions such as BESSELI, ERF,

"I wanted to create a product that made SQL Server as easy to use and as flexible as Excel, saving developers and companies time, resources and money. With XLeratorDB, we have married the intelligence and flexibility of Excel with the power of SQL Server," said Charles Flock, founder of WestClinTech.

Free trial versions of XLeratorDB are also available on the WestClinTech site.

About WestClinTech:

WestClinTech (, based in Irvington, N.Y., developed XLeratorDB, the first commercially available function library add-in for SQL Server. It complements the built-in SQL Server functions by adding a comprehensive library of financial, math, statistical, engineering and other types of functions that enable developers to use familiar Excel function in SQL Server.