October 04, 2012 01:00 ET

Wet Weather Advice from Swinton Vans

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2012) - With torrential rain and high speed winds of up to 70mph causing floods across the UK, Swinton Vans, the leading van insurance broker is warning van drivers to take extra care behind the wheel.

Drivers of high sided vehicles are most affected by wet and windy weather and are therefore are being urged to be extra careful while driving. With van drivers spending more time on the road than other users they are more at risk of an accident or breakdown in extreme weather conditions.

To reduce the risk of an accident, Swinton Vans is offering the follow tips:

  • Use your headlights in grey, wet weather.
  • Keep your distance as stopping distances will be at least double of those on a dry day.
  • If the steering becomes unresponsive it could mean water is preventing tyre grip, to correct this, take your foot off the accelerator and gradually slow down.
  • Take extra care in these wet conditions around pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, keep your distance when passing.
  • Brakes are affected by water. If you have driven through deep water your brakes could be less effective than they would be on a dry day. To test the brakes, use the first safe opportunity you get to gently push the brake pedal and see if they work. If the brakes are not fully effective, apply light pressure while driving slowly to dry them out.

Phil Moss, Commercial Vehicle Manager at Swinton Vans, said: "Those driving heavy weighted or high sided vehicles are likely to be the most affected in this weather. We are urging drivers to follow our simple steps to be prepared and fully aware of the dangers they could face. Van drivers should do anything they can to avoid an accident in this weather as it will have a significant effect on van insurance premiums."

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