September 30, 2013 09:00 ET

WGroup Launches ReThink IT to Analyze the Most Disruptive IT Trends and Actionable Strategies for CIOs to Drive Business Value From IT

Paper Finds That CIO Role and IT Function Are Changing, How IT Drives Value in Business Is Undergoing Radical Transformation, and CIOs Must Embrace These Changes or Risk Marginalization

MALVERN, PA--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2013) - WGroup, a leading boutique management consulting firm that provides businesses with strategy and execution services to optimize performance, today released its new, far-reaching global strategy paper entitled "ReThink IT." Working with the industry's most progressive CIOs, WGroup has developed an approach to transform IT into an effective, value creating service.

ReThink IT analyzes the five most disruptive trends in IT, and addresses the issues and challenges faced by today's CIO and IT leaders. These disruptive trends point to a new role for IT and the CIO, and the fact that IT responsibilities have moved into the business makes the role of services integrator and advisor to the business the primary focus of the CIO. Increasingly the best CIO are leveraging global resources to complement key internal capabilities to create an efficient service delivery capability for the firm. Additionally, the competition with a global provider community to serve their constituents puts pressure on all IT departments to deliver low cost services swiftly.

Beginning with the adoption of ITSM methodologies, successful IT management teams have created a roadmap to address how IT can be managed as a business in today's world of "Everything as a Service." Social media, cloud computing, analytics, and mobility are creating new opportunities for firms to create value. New business models are emerging, unprecedented customer information is available, and access to data is more ubiquitous than ever. The race is on for firms to leverage the developing realm of Big Data, mobile apps, and low cost infrastructure to create competitive advantage. The opportunity for CIO to work with strategic decision makers across a firm's value chain to drive revenue and reduce cost is unparalleled

"The role of CIO and how IT delivers value are undergoing unprecedented changes," said Harry Wallaesa, President and CEO, WGroup. "Businesses need to rethink IT. The role of the CIO is undergoing exciting changes, placing them at the forefront of new competitive forces. At WGroup, we are continuously addressing these challenges. With our team of strategy experts, enterprise architects, business modelers, and application experts, many of whom are former CIOs, we provide innovative solutions so that businesses can transform IT into a services organization that consistently provides value."

ReThink IT analyzes the five most disruptive IT trends that require a flexible, intelligent, and asset light IT service delivery model. These trends include: IT's responsibility has moved to the business; IT has become commoditized; shared services are forcing the convergence of business processes and IT delivery; the rise of social media, cloud, analytics, and mobility are re-writing the rules by which firms compete; and the growing consumerization of IT.

In response to the current IT environment, WGroup presents in ReThink IT five actionable strategies that companies can implement to improve business value and reduce costs. These include:

  • Utilizing ITSM methodologies, create a service delivery model that governs IT spend/investments
  • Manage demand for IT services
  • Manage the quality and cost of IT services
  • Manage the ecosystem of vendors who participate in the service delivery model
  • Redefine how IT collaborates with the business to create value.

"CIOs who understand how these disruptive trends impact their businesses are better positioned to plan and execute IT strategy," said Maureen Barry, CMO of WGroup. "In fact, in ReThink IT we found that the industry's leading CIOs serve as business advisors and align IT to the business to enable innovation. At WGroup we work with leading companies to capture the opportunities of these disruptive trends so that CIOs can better identify and exploit technology innovation."

ReThink IT is available for free. To download ReThink IT and register for the upcoming WGroup webinar discussing the paper's findings and strategies, please visit:

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