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March 09, 2015 10:00 ET

What Are the Key Recruiting Trends in 2015

MUNICH, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Mar 9, 2015) - 75% of the workforce by 2025 will be comprised of millennials. This along with the increased globalization of recruitment, infusion of social and mobile technologies is changing the world of recruitment and HR as we know it. Due to the different needs and challenges that this change is bringing in, success in finding or recruiting for management jobs is multi-faceted. There is still a significant gap in what all the stakeholders need to accomplish before they can create a very strong and attractive value proposition. Headhunters, executive recruiters and industry leaders have shared their opinions with us. It seems right to say that, the #futureofwork is no longer a concept to be discussed in elite conferences, it is here, now. Download a free copy of the key recruiting trends here.

Trends experts shared on recruiting needs and challenges in 2015

1. Technologies like mobile & social continue to play a major part in recruitment. 1 in 3 candidates expect to see mobile versions of job sites. Over 90% recruiters are using social media to run reference checks on candidates. Candidates continue to use social media platforms in order to establish their 'professional brands'. While technology has increased the possibilities networking between candidates recruiters, relationships with headhunters and staffing agencies are critical especially for senior management jobs.

2. The war for talent is well and truly globalized. 46% companies consider 'competition' as a major recruitment challenge and 15% companies worldwide are recruiting for diversity. Demographic changes make some countries net importers or exporters of talent. Employers, headhunters and staffing firms need to be prepared for the new challenges brought in by this globalization. Flexible work environments, multi-cultural environments are all needs presented by these new workplaces

3. For success in management jobs in terms of leadership and recruitment alike greater personalization in the recruitment and hiring process is seen as key. Recruiters need to create attractive brand perceptions for management candidates. Hiring right is key for building an attractive work culture. Successful candidates for management jobs are expected to bring empathy into their roles to lead cross-cultural and diverse teams.

Experteer's team interviewed industry leaders, headhunters and executive recruiters to develop insights on the recruitment trends in 2015. Experteer GmbH is an online recruitment marketplace headquartered in Munich, Germany. The business connects outstanding professionals to great management careers.

Experteer also hosts regular twitter events (#headhunterchat) with discussions on the key recruiting trends, to discuss findings and co-create the #futureofwork and recruitment! Don't forget to get your free copy of the report here.

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