Random House of Canada

Random House of Canada

April 12, 2005 09:28 ET

WHAT CANADIANS THINK, About Almost Everything

By Darrell Bricker and John Wright Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Books Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Media Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 12, 2005) - What percentage of Canadians would prefer a good night's sleep to good sex?

What percentage of Canadians mow the lawn wearing open-toed shoes?

Which gender is more likely to be left standing at the altar?

What percentage of Canadians support labelling GMOs?

What province chooses the healthiest snacks to munch on?
(See below for answers!)

WHAT CANADIANS THINK, About Almost Everything

TORONTO, ON, April 23, 2005 - At last! Here it is! A national brain scan! WHAT CANADIANS THINK is the inside story of who we Canucks really are and what we really think - and what our beliefs and behaviour mean for Canada's future. It is a wonderful glimpse at who we are as Canadians and what we are thinking. Not only is it a portrait of our country today but it will be an incredible historical reference in the years to come.

From what Canadians think about health care to their love for pets (53% of us are willing to go in debt for Fido and Fluffy); WHAT CANADIANS THINK gives readers a pretty good idea of what is on Canadians' minds.

WHAT CANADIANS THINK is a book that probes what's going in the big fat collective skull of 32 million Canadians. WHAT CANADIANS THINK is based on hard statistics that add up to the inside story of what Canadians like, what they don't like, what they believe, what they don't believe, what they're not sure of. Do you want to know who we are and where we are heading? Follow this written trail. Words and numbers get you to the pot of gold.

Focusing on the concentric worlds in which we live - home and work, community, nation, and world - two of Canada's top statistical analysts, Darrell Bricker and John Wright of Ipsos-Reid, go sleuthing. These guys dig into relationships. They look at marriage and morals and drinking and drugs. They delve into power, politics, parenting, and porn. Sex and stress. Death and taxes.

You will also have a great chuckle over some of the strange findings our pollsters have uncovered, from the percentage of Canadian men who move the lawn in open-toed shoes or the percentage of Canadians that brush their tongues.

Did you know Canadians were thinking…?
-Canadian workers walk an average of 40km annually to and from their office photo copy machine--and 12% admit to kicking it in frustration
-The percentage of Canadians who have never had a cavity is 45
-The province you are least likely to have your heart broken is Saskatchewan.

No one knows Canada better than Ipsos-Reid, and this book puts their research at your fingertips. Both light-hearted and rigorously detailed, WHAT CANADIANS THINK is fascinating reading for anyone. Whether you're a marketing executive, or just someone who's curious about the nut case around the corner, you won't put it down.


Darrell Bricker is President of North American Public Affairs for Ipsos-Reid. Prior to joining Ipsos-Reid Bricker was Director of Public Opinion Research in the Office of the Prime Minister. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from Carleton University.

John Wright is a Senior Vice President for the Trends Division, Canadian Public Affairs, of Ipsos-Reid. He has been the lead media spokesperson for the company for the last fourteen years on politics, policy, and consumer trends, and hosts a weekly radio show on CFRB.

WHAT CANADIANS THINK: About Almost Everything
By Darrell Bricker and John Wright
Published by Doubleday Canada
Publication date: April 23, 2005
Pages: 273 pages
Price: $22.95

Please note the authors are available for live and phone interviews from Toronto.

Answers: 58, 21, men, 90, Quebec

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Bits and Bites from
WHAT CANADIANS THINK, About Almost Everything
By Darrell Bricker and John Wright

Love As It Should Be
When asked to identify from a number of famous fictional couples which best typifies their current relationship:
-34% chose the battling friends turned lovers in When Harry Met Sally
-30% opted for The Simpsons' Homer and Marge
-27% believed their current relationship is closer to Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler from the classic Gone With The Wind
-8% say that Tony and Carmela from The Sopranos best typify their current relationship

Men and Women Behaving Badly
Almost half (43%) of us say we've had our hearts broken.
-Province where you're most likely to have your heart broken: Saskatchewan
-Least likely: Quebec
-Chance that Canadian has been left standing at the altar or personally knows someone who has: 1 in 10
-Province in which you're most likely to be left standing at the altar: British Columbia
-Least likely: Manitoba
-Gender most likely to be left standing at the altar: male

Work To Live or Live to Work
Workers say that their work life encroaches upon their personal time and that this trend has worsened over the last five years. For example, half of workers (50%) say that the number of hours they work in total has increased over the past five years.
-Average hours worked per week: 47.5
-Three in five workers (59%) say they often skip lunch or eat at their desk in order to leave work on time.
Moreover, 59% sometimes has to take work home to be able to meet their personal commitments.
-In Calgary and Edmonton, workers are more likely to have to work during evenings or weekends (61%), while Montreal workers are less likely to do so (48%).

Oral Hygiene
Nearly all Canadians (95%) consider good oral health to be an important factor in maintaining good overall health.
-Percentage of Canadians who brush their tongues: 55
-Provinces where residents change their toothbrushes most frequently: Saskatchewan and Manitoba
-Province whose residents visit the dentist most frequently: Ontario
-Gender most likely to have cavities: men
-Percentage of Canadians who have never had a cavity: 45

Royal Confusion
We Canadians are of tangled minds regarding the monarchy. If you are among the 26% of Canadians who think Canada is a republic, we will repeat: we are not. What we are is a constitutional monarchy; the Queen of England is Canada's head of state.
-About half of Canadians (48%) think that our constitutional monarchy is outmoded and that we should have a republican form of government with an elected head of state, similar to the American system.
-Nearly two-thirds of us (65%) believe that the royals are simply celebrities and should not play any formal role in the government of Canada.
-79% support our current system of government
-Support is highest in Atlantic Canada (87%), but supports runs at 73% even in Quebec.
Why do we support our constitutional monarchy when we don't think the monarchy should play a formal role in our government? Apparently the reason is that the majority of us feel that having a constitutional monarchy helps define Canada's identity: 62% of Canadians say that's why they support a constitutional monarchy even though 65% of them don't think we should have a constitutional monarchy. God knows what would happen if there were ever a referendum on this issue.

More Quick Facts:
-63% of Canadians say they are less likely to buy a food product that is specifically modified or contains genetically modified ingredients. 83% say there should be a moratorium on any further releases of genetically modified crops until more health and safety issues have been addressed.

-21% of Canadians have cut their lawn while wearing open toed shoes--27% from Alberta, 26% BC, 24% Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 19% Ontario, 18% Quebec...19% women.

-Canadian workers walk an average of 40km annually to and from their office photo copy machine--and 12% admit to kicking it in frustration (another 30% say they were on the verge) with the least kickers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan: 6%.

-Despite being at higher risk, 42% of mid to older aged Canadians have never discussed hypertension with their doctor.

-60% of Canadians eat breakfast every day.

-70% of Canadians believe cancer will be cured in their lifetime.

-61% of Canadians believe in Angels and 21% say they have had an experience involving an Angel.

-32% of Canadians say the healthcare system needs private money and user fees--65% disagree and support publicly funded Medicare.

-73% of Canadians say Canada made the right decision to stay out of the recent Iraq war....47% of Americans actually believe Canada supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Darrell Bricker and John Wright are available to discuss these stats and more from their new book WHAT CANDIANS THINK, About Almost Everything.

To arrange an interview please contact Stephanie Gowan at sgowan@randomhouse.com or at 416-957-1563


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