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Morgan Hunt

June 25, 2014 19:01 ET

What Career Lessons Can We Learn From Some of the 'Classic' 80's Blockbusters?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - June 25, 2014) - Arguably the decade of 'one liners' where 'say hello to my little friend', 'h-e-r-e's Johnnie' and 'i'll be back' were a staple part of our daily vocab; how have these 80s favourites influenced our lives and what can we learn from them?

When it comes to shaping your career, guidance can come from the strangest of places. Whether it's career advice from industry insiders (ahem), your boss or even your uber-successful cousin, everyone has their own version of insight to pass on. The same can be said about these iconic 'classics' that shaped your adolescence - riddled with life lessons that can be adapted to your future career.

Now the age old lessons of wax on, wax off are understood by all but sometimes it's difficult to see past the funny/emotionally harrowing/ just plain scary narratives that entertain us. So we've delved deep to find the lessons useful for a working professional in shaping their career.

10 career lessons from your favourite 80's movies:

The movie: The Goonies

The lesson: Team work skills are essential. They never would've found that treasure if they didn't work together. Same goes for you and your team, you all want the same thing and sometimes it's easy to forget that. A team that works together understands each other's strengths and utilises them to maximum effect. A positive team environment facilitates support, the exchange of ideas and ultimate efficiency. It's a win win.

The movie: Sixteen candles

The lesson: Don't put anything in writing you wouldn't want read by anyone and everyone else. As Samantha found out when she filled out the quiz that fell into the wrong hands, everything is on the record - so be sure about anything you sign (or post online).

Sure, things turned out great for her (complete with birthday cake and happy ending) but most of us mere mortals need to be aware that everything we say, write and post can and will be used against us. In this digital age (that wasn't part of the 80s) we are more susceptible to scrutiny so watch your words. Read our advice on building your online brand to get the low down on how to manage your digital footprint effectively and professionally.

The movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The lesson: Confidence is key. To get one step ahead it's all about planning. Would Ferris' day have been as successful without planning? Unlikely. A plan is a map to your destination. It helps you plot milestones, identify problem spots and potential solutions and keep you on track to arrive in style (while enjoying the ride). Here's our top tips on planning the perfect job project >

The movie: Indiana Jones

The lesson: Go after what you want. Like Indiana Jones says "Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory." We all want it, less of us take it. When it comes to your career you can't leave things to fate. If you're in the wrong job, change it, if you're stuck in reverse on the corporate ladder, grab that golden monkey and run, run to the job of your dreams! Read our advice on moving careers to see if it's time for you to make the break.

The movie: The Breakfast Club

The Lesson: Don't make a judgement on first impressions because help can come from the least likely of sources. "A criminal…a princess…a brain…a jock…a basketcase" What started as a group of strangers turned into the ultimate powerful network by the end of the film. Same can be said of your colleagues, don't underestimate people based on your judgement of them. They might be the smartest person you have ever had working for or with you.

The movie: Back to the Future

The lesson: Besides the lesson that the mail is ALWAYS on time, there's a life lesson in there too. Be open minded and explore new opportunities. What would've happened to Marty McFly if he had turned around to Doc and said, "No thanks Doc, I DON'T want to get in your delorean and gun it to 88". Nothing would've happened to Marty McFly that's what.

This is a classic example of taking the opportunities that are presented to you. Go for that promotion, utilise resources around you and learn from people you want to aspire to. Opportunities by definition don't come up often. They're a time or circumstance. So it's important that you take advantage of the chances your career provides you. Learn more about how to market yourself.

The movie: Weird Science

The lesson: Can't find the perfect job? Create one. Though things didn't end up great for Gary and Wyatt after they decided to create the perfect woman, many jobseekers have successfully started training themselves and practising the skills they need to fill necessary roles. Follow our 8 steps to creating the perfect job search.

The movie: Jaws

The lesson: Don't give up - just get a bigger boat. When you're new to a job it's easy to get scared and want to get the first train home, but even after their first boat went under they didn't give up, they just got a bigger boat. It's all about tenacity, knowing your capabilities and proving them to the non-believers. Find out more about how to succeed in a new job.

The movie: Rocky III

The lesson: Complacency kills. Not literally of course but not only did Rocky lose his mentor, father-figure and all round legend, Mickey - he lost his confidence, the respect of his fans and the never-before-experienced question mark over his abilities - despite his previous successes. Stay on top of your game. Don't let one success define you - keep striving to deliver to the best of your abilities.

Just remember - if there's one thing Rocky Balboa has consistently taught us, it's that ANYTHING is achievable with a solid music montage.

The movie: Karate Kid

The lesson: Start with the basics - it's all about the foundation of your knowledge. Don't rush to get to the end. Some of the best bits happen during the journey. You can also learn so much along the way. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up, especially if it's an industry, organisation or job that's worth working in.

It's worth adding that for every movie we've mentioned there are a thousand more, so we'd love to hear what movies have stuck with you after teaching you something significant.

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