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July 28, 2008 14:59 ET

What Do Donkeys Have to Do with Marketing... Besides the Obvious?

Cincom's Expert Access E-Zine and World's Only Corporate Spokes-Donkey Featured in Best-Selling Business Book, "Tuned In"

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - July 28, 2008) -

Cincom's award-winning Expert Access e-zine is featured in the new business book "Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs," by Craig Stull, Phi Myers and David Meerman Scott. "Tuned In" has become a #1 bestseller on, and a "Pick-of-the-Week" by Barnes & Noble.


The authors of "Tuned In" identify six steps that create a "resonator" -- the perfect solution to a specific market problem. A product or service so powerful it sells itself. Why? Because it immediately connects to what buyers value most -- help in solving real problems and making their lives better.

Finding the resonator is key to the success of the company, and tuned-in entrepreneurs and executives find ways to make their products and services stand out, turn on and take off.


Expert Access is profiled in the chapter "How to Create Authentic Connections," for its unorthodox approach to business-to-business marketing communications such as -- the use of cartoons, humor and the world's only confessed corporate spokes-donkey, "Donkey O'Tee," to provide useful information that helps readers do their jobs better and, become aware of new ideas, products and services.


"Most marketing and communication programs from business-to-business software and technology companies are painfully boring. If some of these companies tried to crack a smile we think their computer screens would crack. But guess what? Your buyers, no matter what sort of organization you work for, are people -- real people with a sense of fun -- not nameless, faceless corporate drones. Sometimes a bit of the unusual and funny can work wonders. Cincom Expert Access is masterful at establishing authentic connections with buyers." (An excerpt from the book "Tuned In.")


Beginning with zero readers, Expert Access now reaches 135,000 people all over the world. A large part of that growth is attributable to an oddly popular feature called "Shoot the Donkey."

"Shoot the Donkey" refers to a classic scene in the movie "Patton" (based upon a true life event) where the Third Army gets critically held up in battle on a bridge, by a cart-pulling donkey that has stopped and refuses to budge, totally blocking the bridge. Life and death are at stake. An MP struggles with the donkey and the owner, trying to get them out of the way. But makes no headway.

The entire Third Army halts for this recalcitrant donkey.

General George Patton roars up, leaps out of his jeep, whips out his ivory-handled pistol, shoots the donkey, and immediately has it hurled off the bridge, removing the obstacle.

The Great Leadership Principle

That classic scene not only revealed Patton's character in a cinematic way, but also embodies the great leadership principle of taking decisive action to remove all obstacles to fulfill one's mission.

Quote Attributable to Donkey O'Tee, Expert Access Corporate Spokes-Donkey

"That's what Expert Access is all about. Taking decisive action to remove communication obstacles to help our readers in their life of business or business of life... and occasionally have a laugh along the way. And please, don't contact me about having a gun pointed at my donkey head. It's a cartoon gun -- and I'm a cartoon metaphor."

Quote Attributable to Steve Kayser, Expert Access Editor

"'Tuned In' is a well-written, insightful book that businesses of all sizes, from the one-stop mom and pop shops to the multi-gazillion dollar behemouths could benefit from. It's full of useful stories, analogies, anecdotes -- and thankfully -- devoid of worthless abstractspeak, AKA corporate gobbledygook. The one fault I have with it? I wish they would have left Donkey O'Tee out of the book. Now he's gotten a big donkey head. He's published a book, has a couple videos, and has started his own clothing line. It's already hard enough working for a donkey -- as many people in business well know -- but now I feel like an organ-grinding monkey man for a donkey."

So what do donkeys have to do with marketing?

Obvious... isn't it?

About Cincom Expert Access

Hmm. This is usually where the boring boilerplate description goes that no one ever reads. Your best bet would be to see the quote attributable to Donkey O'Tee above -- it pretty much explains what Expert Acces is all about. For a more professional description with stuff like who reads it, why Expert Access is different and who the contributing experts are, go here.


Current Issue of Cincom Expert Access

Current issue of Cincom's award-winning B2B E-zine.

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"Veni, Vidi, Tiré a dos burros." "I came, I saw, I shot two donkeys."

Are there proven sales strategies, tactics, skills and behaviors that can help you win the complex sale (product or service) at large, successful companies like Trane, Principal Financial, Dell, Northwestern Mutual and others? The Complex Sale typically refers to a high-value purchase, $150,000 and up, involving a Buyer's Committee, consisting of anywhere from three to twelve people... or more. Yes, but what does it have to do with two donkeys? By the end of this article, you'll know.

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