February 07, 2012 12:35 ET

What Does Valentine's Day Mean for Men and Women?

Tokii Reveals it All

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 7, 2012) - Based out of Oakville, ON, is a 'made in Canada' initiative, and thousands of couples now rely on the site as a beneficial tool for learning more about their partners, their relationships, and love in general. As the world's most relied-upon relationship website for couples, they recently launched their newest Valentine's Day online games to measure the expectations and desires men and women have for this coming February 14th. The Data collected from the Tokii community has generated some interesting feedback.

- Some of the highlights from our members and comments from experts:

29% of men, 11% of women feel it is important to make love on Valentine's Day

Sex in a relationship is important, period. Studies show that sex is a predictor of a happy relationship. [It] can be a miracle worker. Good sex induces the release of oxytocin and dopamine [and] fosters trust; a feeling of closeness long after the act itself is over.

(Dr. Amir Levine and Rachel S.F. Heller, MA "Attached: The New Science of Attachment")

25% of men, 19% of women absolutely believe Valentine's Day is for females

Females are usually more concerned about the relating aspect of relationships. They often pay attention to details and may feel unloved, unacknowledged and unappreciated if they don't receive a Valentine's Day gift.

(Dr. Erica Goodstone,

45% of men, 19% of women think men should also be spoiled on Valentine's Day

Let's face it; Valentine's Day is for women! It's advertised to men that they need to do something for their significant other, [but] there is nothing a man wants more than to be wanted! What better way to show it than on Valentine's Day! It's a great opportunity to shake things up in a relationship!

(David Simonsen MS, LMFT. Creative Solutions Counseling)

Tokii asked, the community responded:

Would Your Partner Be Devastated if You Forgot Valentine's Day?

37% Men say yes - 13% Women say yes

Fool Around in Bed All Day?

32% Men say yes - 9% Women say yes

Play Dress Up With a Sexy Costume?

19% Men say yes - 59% Women say yes

The Valentine's Day online game also garnered other noteworthy answers in the area of what men and women want for the Holiday.

Here are some highlights:

Do Women Want Flowers?

45% Men say yes - 4% of Women say yes

Do Women Want Jewellery?

27% Men say yes - 36% of Women say yes

Do Men Want Sports Tickets?

20% of Men say yes - 29% of Women say yes

Do Men Want Sex?

50% Men say yes - 38% of Women say yes

Karla Stephens-Tolstoy, founder and CEO of, the brains behind Tokii's Valentine's Day campaign, knew it would gain lots of attention among devoted Tokii members.

"We wanted to really know what Valentine's Day means for men and women, and we sure learned a lot. The results from our community have generated some striking differences between men and women: some aren't all too surprising, women are interested in gifts and being pampered, men want the sex, but what's great is that the context for these needs. When you read between the lines a little you can see that what women really want is thoughtfulness, and what men are after is to feel needed."

Those serving in the military also took part in the online game tailored to their situation, which also produced some interesting findings.

Here are some highlights from Military Valentine's Day Dreams:

We asked Our Couples in the Armed Service:

If They Feel Messages of Love Keep Loneliness Away

Men 56% - Women 54%

Where They Would Like to Be Whisked Off to For a Special Valentine's Day?

Bedroom at Home: 22% Men - 10% Women

Special Memory Location: 22% Men - 50% Women

Exotic Location: 22% Men - 40% Women

Together With Family: 33% Men - 0% Women

What Loving Words They are using on Valentine's Day

Women 60% likely to say, "forever", while 44% of men likely to say, "counting the days".

More Stats from the Tokii Community:

16% of Men, 52% of Women are envious of romantic gestures others receive

45% of Men, 19% of Women think men should also be spoiled on Valentine's Day

63% of Men, 69% of Women think getting engaged or married on Valentine's Day is a 'cliché'

33% of Men, 59% of Women want to serenade their lover with a romantic song

57% of Men, 19% of Women want to set aside time for a "special massage"

48% of Men, 61% of Women find it hard to be creative with Valentine's Day surprises

Do Women Want to be Wined and Dined on Valentine's Day?

0% of men say yes, 20% of women say yes.

Do Men Want New Lingerie for Their Partner?

20% of men say yes, 21% of women say yes.

Do Women Want a Gift Involving Pampering on Valentine's Day?

27% of men say yes, 40% of women say yes.

Do Men Want Something Practical on Valentine's Day?

10% of men say yes, 12% of women say yes.

Tokii is the world's first Relationship Management Platform - RMP-a unique and sophisticated Web and Mobile social platform specifically designed to enrich and strengthen relationships through interactive games, quizzes, trading favours and chores and, of course, flirting.

Attached are info graphics based on online Valentine's Game results which approx. 1500 members of Tokii took part in.

Head to today and add your perspective to the Community Stats by playing the game for yourself, and for your partner.

*All community responses were pulled from the Valentine Dates, Valentine's Day: Gift Giving, Valentine's Expectations and Valentine's Day: Far Away Romance DiscoveryGames.

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