Bruce Power

Bruce Power

December 02, 2013 15:07 ET

What Industry is Saying About Today's LTEP Announcement

TIVERTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 2, 2013) - "Today, Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan re-enforced the government's commitment to staying off coal generation in the province by building a modern, clean and healthy energy system. The role of Bruce Power nuclear, along with other clean sources of energy and conservation, is essential to staying off coal permanently and protecting the health of Ontarians."

- Robert Oliphant, Asthma Society of Canada

"The refurbishment of Bruce Power's reactors is vital to B&W's future. Our manufacturing and services businesses depend upon providing support for major component replacements and for ongoing maintenance of life-extended reactors at the site."

- John MacQuarrie, B&W Canada

"The continued role of Bruce Power's eight units in Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan is good news for the province. Securing this output for the long term will keep prices low and stable and create thousands of jobs for Ontario's building and construction trades, while assisting with training Ontario's future construction professionals including youth, Aboriginals and women."

- Patrick Dillon, Ontario Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

"With the Long-Term Energy Plan confirming, through policy, the important role Bruce Power nuclear plays in the province, it's important to now turn this policy into action. The successful renewal of the Bruce Power site will secure thousands of jobs and affordable, stable electricity prices for families and businesses."

- John Swart, Insulators Local 95

"It was great to hear that nuclear power, and specifically our units at the Bruce site, will continue to play a key role in sustaining the province's energy needs into the future. The Bruce units provide a reliable source of safe, clean and low-cost electricity, while also providing a source of highly skilled jobs. The commitment to nuclear in the Long-Term Energy Plan will secure great jobs for our current employees and hopefully will open the door for more employment opportunities into the future."

- Larry Alderdice, Power Workers' Union

"The finalized review of the Long-Term Energy Plan is a testament to the confidence the government has in Bruce Power, its leaders and the hard work of its employees. The Society of Energy Professionals is proud of this recognition and the significant role the Minister of Energy places on us to deliver its mandate of clean, safe and cost-effective electricity to the people of Ontario for decades to come."

- Dave Myette, Society of Energy Professionals

"Nuclear power plays an important role in meeting Ontario energy needs every day - keeping prices low and stable. The renewal of the Bruce Power site will do this while also creating thousands of jobs and securing investment in these public assets."

- Terry Armstrong, ES Fox Construction

"Successful refurbishment of Bruce and Darlington reactors will pave the way for nuclear renewal, and will enable many of Ontario's nuclear companies to export their products and services worldwide."

- Macit Cobanoglu, Aecon

"Every day, nuclear power meets our province's energy needs in an affordable, and is also key to innovation in the province. By renewing our nuclear fleet, we secure an affordable supply of electricity and continue to invest in a highly innovative nuclear sector that employs thousands of Ontarians and has tremendous opportunity to export this expertise, creating more opportunity in the province."

- David Harris, Kinectrics

"Bruce Power's eight units provide the province with low-cost, stable power, and the revitalization of the site would be good for jobs and the economy."

- Mark Watson, IBEW Local 804

"The ongoing refurbishment of Units 3-8 at Bruce Power creates the potential for a significant expansion in manufacturing space at our Burlington facility, which would create at least 40 permanent, full-time, high quality engineering, machining, assembly and inspection jobs. This vote of confidence by the Ontario government for our home-grown Candu® technology will also be welcomed by our international customers who are looking first for government leadership in Canada before choosing Candu® technology for their own power generation needs. This is excellent news for Laker and for Ontario's manufacturing sector."

- Christopher Hughes, President, Laker Energy Products Ltd.

"Nuclear energy is an integral part of Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan as it provides efficient, baseline and emissions-free energy. The refurbishment of Bruce Power reactors will ensure sustainability of future energy supply and create countless jobs for Ontarians."

- Marwan Zayouna, RCM Technologies

"Teamsters Local Union 879 is in full support of today's announcement because Bruce Power can supply an affordable source of electricity for Ontario ratepayers and is good for the economy. Nuclear power is also emissions-free, has a high degree of reliability to meet the grid, is in a perfect location for refurbishments and to expand in the future, and there is a strong provincial and public support. Bruce Power also has a well-trained workforce that's ready to serve this great province of Ontario."

- Martin Taylor, Teamsters Local 879

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