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February 05, 2014 11:00 ET

What Is "Fish and Chips?"

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Feb 5, 2014) - Fish & chips: is there anything more British? This fried fare is such a national institution that it was one of the few foods not rationed by the government during World War II.

Marriott Hotels offers an informative infographic as a quick guide meant to bring visitors up-to-speed before they head out from their London hotels in search of the nearest 'chippie,' a fond term for a shop selling fish and chips.

The white-fleshed fish most commonly used for this tasty meal are cod and haddock. The fish is lightly battered before being tossed into the deep fryer. The batter always includes egg and flour, but a chippie can make its batter distinctive by adding water, oil, milk or beer to the mix. The chips are fat slices of potatoes, deep fried.

Fish and chips were traditionally packaged in a layer of newspaper to absorb the grease and keep the contents warm, but food-quality wrapping paper now does the trick. Often, the fried fish is laid right on top of the chips before it's wrapped up. Need to eat on the run? No problem. Most chippies provide you with a small disposable fork.

Fish and chips are often paired with a sprinkling (or a pouring, depending on your taste) of malt vinegar. However, others prefer to season the fish with lemon or tartar sauce, or to add a side of mushy peas.

For over 150 years, visitors have been able to venture out from their London hotels and pop into a nearby chippie for a quick meal of fish and chips. No visit to England is complete without sampling this national dish. During your next stay at a London Marriott hotel, consult the infographic or ask staff about their favorites.

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