December 16, 2008 03:03 ET

What Is RSS? One of the Top Search Queries in Google in 2008

Expansion Plus Offers Tutorials and Video About RSS

PASADENA, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - Google's Zeitgeist list for 2008 released this week shows that many Americans are now searching by asking a question -- "Who is" ... and "What is" ... are the most common questions. At number five on the top ten list of "What is" questions is What is RSS? Expansion Plus, an Internet marketing and PR agency, offers help with this question through a website, webinars, online video and RSS strategy consulting.

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, burst on the scene several years ago and has gained popularity with consumers, marketers and publishers. Consumers use RSS to subscribe to content they like and publishers have learned that adding their content to feeds increases their search visibility and drives traffic to their sites.

"Syndicating content in RSS feeds is the perfect online marketing strategy for 2009," says Sally Falkow, President of Expansion Plus. "Google's Universal search results include video, text and images so you must have a content strategy. Your content will get found by search engines, other websites and subscribers -- if you make it available in an RSS feed."

Although some studies say the adoption of RSS is low and confined to the tech savvy amongst us, a Yahoo! study showed that when you ask someone if they use RSS they tend to say no, but if you track their click stream they are in fact reading content in feeds. They just don't know what RSS is. And that's borne out by the increasing number of people searching What is RSS?

Most social media applications use RSS, so the rising numbers of Americans who go to sites like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter are all using feeds. And the fact that "What is RSS?" is on the top ten list of questions searched in 2008 indicates that Americans are aware of RSS and they want to know more about it.

One company that provides information about RSS is PRESSfeed. They offer an easy-to-follow tutorial about RSS feeds on the website and a video titled 'What is RSS?'

Their site gives examples of what kind of content a marketer of publisher could send out in a feed:

--  news
--  educational articles
--  destination information
--  tech support updates
--  product news
--  specials
--  announcements
--  new listings for a realtor
--  job vacancies

For those searching for information about RSS, the PRESSfeed website has case studies showing how business owners, marketers and publishers can use RSS feeds to find new markets, drive qualified traffic to their websites and improve their search engine visibility.

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