June 29, 2015 08:04 ET

What Should You Do Now to Hit Your Sales Target? Brisk Shows the Way

Brisk Launches a Gmail-Salesforce Integration to Bring Sales Staff What They Need to Know, Before They Know They Need It

MALMO, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - Jun 29, 2015) - Brisk ( -- a company providing sales solutions for Salesforce users -- announced its enhancement with Gmail integration to aid sales teams who are drowning in customer communications, CRM, and sales data so they can spend time on what matters most: selling.

Brisk continuously scans email, calendar, CRM and sales tool data to bring salespeople what they need to know now. Salesforce shows salespeople their accounts; Brisk shows each user which ones need attention and what to do about it. Sales teams asking which customer's emails are most important, who is about to churn, or should a reminder be sent now or later -- are all quickly answered by using Brisk.

"When salespeople are inundated by leads, it's difficult to know which accounts should take priority," said Hampus Jakobsson, Brisk co-founder and CEO. "Brisk distills all the available information down to simple sales suggestions which will steer you to a sale."

Brisk also reduces the time salespeople spend updating sales data in Salesforce. Evernote, for example, found that sales staff using Brisk handled 170 percent more Salesforce tasks, updated 84 percent more Salesforce opportunities and spent 30 percent less time surfacing good leads. Better Salesforce data means more accurate sales forecasts. Brisk allows sales managers to trust their forecast and trust their team to execute on it.

Brisk Basic is free. Brisk Enterprise, which costs $29 per user per month, is tailored to the unique sales processes, priorities and tools of each company, sales team and role. It arms each sales person with the sales insight of their entire organization, from real-time CRM data to sales best practices, condensed into bite-sized suggestions.

Brisk's Enterprise customers include Evernote, Tele2, and Say Media, to name a few. Just in the past three months, more than 150 new companies are currently using Brisk every month, all ranging from startups with less than ten employees to enterprises employing more than 50,000 people.

Why Sales Teams Are Selling More Using Brisk:

1) It's free: Brisk Basic is free. Customization with Brisk Enterprise costs just $29 a month per user.

2) Sales tasks prioritization: Brisk's interface connects disparate data and translates it into bite-sized sales suggestions, making it easier to organize your day.

3) It's everywhere: Brisk can be opened in email, on any webpage, LinkedIn, internal sites or even on a customer's webpage.

4) One view to rule them all: Brisk combines your current external sales tools with Salesforce data to give one clean view of each customer.

5) Trustworthy CRM data: Brisk streamlines the CRM data entry process massively increasing the number of Salesforce updates.

6) Customized sales coaching: Brisk Enterprise creates "playbooks" which prompt salespeople to follow custom sales processes and best practices based on geography, company, team or role.

7) Privacy and Security: Brisk connects to sales data but doesn't store it, ensuring data is both private and secure.

Brisk is a sales productivity software provider. Brisk helps sales to close more deals by spending time on the right customers. Dashboards don't tell you what to do. Brisk does. Brisk is the fastest, simplest way to work with Salesforce, Gmail and leverages all your sales tools. For more information, visit

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