December 22, 2011 03:15 ET

What Women Want vs. What Men Buy-Avoid a Christmas Lingerie Bloomer

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 22, 2011) - The Thursday before Christmas is the biggest shopping day for lingerie of the year, according to Debenhams. 'Knickerbocker Thursday' sees last minute male shoppers descend on stores en-masse in search of the perfect undies for their partner.

Ironically, 64% of women questioned said that their partner got it completely wrong. The Debenhams survey found that 77% of women admitted that it would be a happy Christmas for their partner if they unwrapped a gorgeous set of lingerie on Christmas morning.

Most men (91%) said they would opt for something saucy, lacy and a little bit racy when choosing a gift for their partner. In contrast, 85% of women said they'd prefer something stylish, sophisticated, but still sexy to unwrap.

Debenhams spokesperson Michelle Dowdall commented: "For many men, Christmas is an annual excuse to eat and drink to excess, watch reruns of classic TV in between food comas, and get the woman in their life some saucy underwear.

"Most men head off into stores with the best of intentions, yet when faced with satin, lace, frills and bows, panic and buy the first thing they see, without giving a thought to what the woman in their life would actually like."

Women showed a preference for styles such as balconette, plunge, long-line and discreetly padded bras and liked to pair these with French or midi-style briefs. A carefully selected, stylish stocking or hold-up was also on their Christmas wish list.

Men on the other hand, chose items such as basques, corsets, suspenders and push-up bras, teamed with thongs or bikini briefs. They also opted for fussier styles of lingerie incorporating lace, frills, mesh, zip and bow fastenings and stockings and suspenders. In terms of colour, men chose traditional vampy red styles and variants of this in hot purple and electric blue.

Women opted for pretty, feminine neutral shades and stylish items in black - this was the one area where their wishes overlapped with what men want to buy. Spokesperson Michelle Dowdall continues: "It is interesting to see that the only area of common ground women and men have in their preference for lingerie gifting is the colour black.

"Men shouldn't be afraid to ask staff for help when choosing their gift, and also for help with the sizing if they are struggling. The staff in our lingerie department are used to solving these kinds of problems on an hourly basis at this time of year!

"Men often fall down at the final hurdle, and once they've taken time and effort to pick something that would suit and flatter their partner, they make the biggest mistake a man can make and get the wrong size."

Debenhams skilled team of stocking fellas and lingerie experts will be on hand in stores to help clueless customers in the run up to Christmas, solving any lingerie dilemma.

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