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April 12, 2011 05:30 ET

What You Don't Know May Kill You; Get the Free "Food Shock" Special Report From and Fight the Increasing Food Prices

THOMSON, IL--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2011) - You may think that you know the reasons behind the increasing food prices and the troubled state of the world food supply but if you're relying on traditional media outlets for your information then you don't know the full story. While these outlets may scratch the surface with reports about environmental disasters, poor weather conditions, and political instability, the truth is these stories do little to illustrate the dire situation that we now face. Making matters worse, these news stories offer no solution to the problem.

Seeing the writing on the wall and understanding their responsibility as an advocate for self-sufficiency and personal accountability, is now offering the special report "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden" to not only give readers a comprehensive understanding of what's really happening with the world food supply but also a practical solution that will alleviate the burden that the rising food prices have dealt to countless families.

Recognizing the life-saving information that is contained in this special report, is offering "Food Shock" at no cost to any individual who signs up for their free weekly newsletter. Simply sign up for the newsletter and you can download the free special report and learn the real reasons behind the food price increases and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

No stone is left unturned in "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden," from those issues mentioned earlier, of course in greater detail, down to issues largely ignored by the "experts" including the depletion of the honey bee and bat populations, both critical components of crop production.

"Food Shock" isn't just about the rising food prices though; it also uncovers some troubling facts about the current nutritional value of what's being produced. You'll read about how genetically modified fruits and vegetables are not only lower in nutritional value but can actually be potentially damaging to your health. You'll also see how the rise in nanotechnology poses even greater threats to your health and how the FDA largely turns a blind eye to the actual safety of food production.

As mentioned before, the goal of "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden," isn't to scare but rather prepare, and in the special report you'll receive a clear outline on the importance of home gardening and embracing the role of self-sufficiency as a means of surviving the food supply crisis that currently exists. has established itself as the trusted site for individuals looking for real answers to the troubling economic plight. The "Food Shock" special report is just one example of how serious OTGN is about honoring their commitment to these individuals. Be sure to sign up for the free weekly newsletter published by and get your "Food Shock" report at no cost.

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