May 03, 2006 11:19 ET

What's a Summer Without "Crushing Love" From Some Girls?

New Album From Juliana Hatfield's Girl Group Set for Release on July 11th, 2006

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 3, 2006 -- Some Girls featuring Juliana Hatfield return this summer with their new album "Crushing Love" to be released July 11th, 2006 on KOCH Records.

"Crushing Love" is the second album by Some Girls, the iconoclastic trio consisting of singer, guitarist and esteemed solo artist Juliana Hatfield plus drummer Freda Love, previously Hatfield's bandmate in seminal indie combo the Blake Babies and now a member of the Mysteries of Life, and bassist/multi-instrumentalist Heidi Gluck, formerly of the Pieces and currently of the Only Children.

The 14-track collection expands the provocative, hook-laden songcraft of its 2003 predecessor "Feel It" into compelling new directions, while maintaining the same balance of electric energy, melodic craft and emotional nuance that made the prior disc so resonant. With Hatfield, Love and Gluck sharing vocal and songwriting duties, the songs boast subtly irresistible hooks and pointedly punchy performances, as well as deceptively plainspoken lyrics that navigate thorny personal territory with unflinching truthfulness and barbed humor.

"Some Girls is a really open, creative atmosphere, and it feels totally different from what I do in my solo thing," Hatfield asserts. "In my head, Some Girls is an outlet for certain songs that I feel like I can't do justice to without Freda. Her drumming is so effervescent and groovy that some songs seem to call out for it. And Heidi is such a great musician and singer that she kind of makes it all jell."


1. Is This What I've Been Waiting For? (written by
   Freda Love and Jake Smith)
2. Poor Man's You (Juliana Hatfield)
3. Partner in Crime (Love/Smith/Childers)
4. Hooray For L.A. (Hatfield)
5. Social Control (Hatfield)
6. On My Own Again (Heidi Gluck)
7. Stars in My Dreams (Hatfield)
8. Rock Or Pop? (Hatfield/Smith)
9. Live Alone (Gluck)
10. Just Like That (Joe Keefe)
11. He's On Drugs Again (LonPaul Ellrich)
12. Never Really Mine (Love)
13. Kill the Bottle (Hatfield/Love/Smith)
14. Magnetic Fields (Smith)
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