August 25, 2009 10:00 ET

What's the Sitchie? New Site Blends Social Media With Social Scene, Brings Live Updates to Boston Bar-Goers

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - August 25, 2009) - The Sitchie (, a free Boston-based Web site where people can search and share live information about the situation, or 'Sitchie,' from over 300 of the city's most happening bars, has officially launched. The site combines up-to-the-minute posts from bar-goers with streaming events from city bars to create a unique, real-time community filled with exciting events, drink deals, and the latest Beantown buzz.

To find out the scoop at the city's hottest spots, anyone can view live, streaming updates from Boston bar-goers and search upcoming events on the site's easy to navigate, ad-free Home page. Users can also browse through Boston neighborhoods to find their favorite bars or sign up to share their own thoughts on the local nightlife.

The idea for the site came when Randy Steinberg, a Boston native and bar enthusiast, saw a glaring gap in the social media sphere. "There's a lot of live, user generated content on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other networking outlets," says Steinberg, "but nobody was focused specifically on providing real-time updates to the nightlife community. It made sense, especially considering the sudden rise in social media use, to create a site that caters exclusively to the bar scene."

In fact, Social Media and networking sites have become so popular that some experts predict they could become the primary source of Web communication in the future, even surpassing email. According to a recent report from the Nielsen Company, there are 87 percent more online social media users now than in 2003. Also, the rise in popular 'smart phone' devices has made it easier for consumers to tap into Web sites from anywhere on the planet, including The Sitchie.

"We can post specials, upcoming events, and even get feedback from our customers on The Sitchie," says Amrik Pabla, the owner of Mantra, a trendy Boston restaurant and night club. "The site cuts through the social media clutter and helps us stay connected with the Boston bar crowd."

Visitors to the site will see two scrolling boxes on the Home page -- the first, showcasing live feeds from actual bar-goers describing the 'Sitchie' at a specific bar, and the second, a list of events from bars and restaurants throughout Boston. Anyone can then sign up for free to Sitch and share their own thoughts and opinions.

"Whether you're already a drink-savvy hub hopper or new to the Boston area, The Sitchie will help you find out what's up at night spots all over town," says a Sitchie Enthusiast with the username MissyMidnite. "I can view live updates from my favorite bars, and even save money by finding drink deals. It's a win-win."

To see the latest on Boston's bars or voice your own opinions on nightlife hot spots, go to: right now.

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